Eustace Conway Wife, Partner, Married, Family, Height, Net Worth

Eustace Conway's family implanted the love for nature in him...has a height and net worth of...his mother grew up in a 150-year-old log house with a big open fireplace...had a plan of getting married to his folksinger partner...couldn't quote her wife as she...was featured on the History Channel reality series, Mountain Men...moved to live in the woods...

Eustace Conway Wife, Partner, Married, Family, Height, Net Worth

Quick Information

“One way to make the most out of the life is to look upon it as an adventure!”

The quote resembles what South Carolina-born naturalist/adventurer Eustace Conway wants to seize from his life.  

Born on 15 September 1961, Eustace grew up in the second largest city of the United States, Columbia. He shared his particularly normal childhood with his siblings- two brothers: Judson and Walton, and sister: Martha.

It was at his age of 17 when Eustace thought of making his pretty normal life the bulk of adventures when he decided to permanently move from his home to live in a tepee in the woods. Already living more than 35 years of his life exploring and basking in the joys of nature, Conway may look back to his ‘walking into the wild’ decision a life-changing choice.

Meantime, he too might miss the teenage moments he could have shared with his family following his choice of making nature as his first home.  

Eustace Conway's Upbringing In Educated Family; Parents Filled Love For Nature!

Eustace was born into the legacy of teaching; his parents and grandparents were educators. His grandfather, Chief Johnson, founded Camp Sequoyah in 1924 becoming one of the ‘fathers of American camping, a great American.’  

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It was at Sequoyah where Eustace’s mother, Karen Conway grew up in a 150-year-old log house with a big open fireplace, which pulled the family together for surviving the chilling cold of the mountain winter. It was her story, which swelled Eustace’s passion for log-cabin heritage and open-fire cooking.

Eustace Conway wishes Mother’s day to beloved mother Karen Conway on 13 May 2018 (Photo: Eustace Conway’s Facebook)

However, before that, it was his chemical engineering professor dad, Dr. Eustace Conway, who implanted the seeds of nature thirst on him.

Surrounded by professor father and Master’s degree-holding mother, Conway received Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and English from Appalachian State University. Besides, his perfect classroom is nature; he enjoys rain; he caresses heat and cold.

Is Eustace Conway Married? Who Is His Partner?

Not from the man himself, the story of Conway’s confined relationship is feasted to the prying eyes via his 2002-published autobiography titled ‘The Last American Man’ authored by Elizabeth Gilbert.

As they say, it takes an icon to attract an icon, the same thing happened when Elizabeth thought of spilling out Eustace’s deep-concealed feelings. Though the naturalist claimed oneself not that easy to fly in the soothing colors of love, he admitted of having feelings in three different occasions; one, for the beautiful and mysterious Apache doctor; two, the beautiful and mysterious east-Kentucky folksinger; three, the beautiful and mysterious Aborigine rock climber.

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Among those, the deepened feeling for the mysterious folksinger was the one Eustace decided to keep in his journal. Despite possessing the intrigued feeling to take the mysterious folksinger as his wife, Eustace got hold of his feelings possibly fearing the negative consequences of it.

He wrote in his journal,

I wanted to ask her to marry me the day that we met. But I didn't want to scare her off.  

With the hypothetical obligation towards his one-sided love, Conway put out the matter stating,

She was perfect in every way. Except that she'll lie and cheat on a man.

Coming into 2018, the admirable adventurer is still yet to spill any beans on the identity of his partner; if he has any!

What Is Eustace's Net Worth?

Adventuring from his teenage, Eustace Conway has made nature as his comfort zone. From hiking the entire Appalachian Mountain trail to harvesting firewood using ancient techniques, Eustace’s long-haul nature haunt gives him the tag, ‘Nature Boy.’

Following his adventure, Conway has been the subject of numerous television programs, interviews, and books. His cross-country journey was subjected on NPR’s late 90s-published book This American Life. Besides, the documentary, Full Circle: A Life Story of Eustace Conway flashes what Conway is all about.

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More than that, Eustace was featured on the History Channel reality series, Mountain Men, which urges to present the livelihood of people choosing to live in the wild away from advanced technology.

Prominent as a naturalist and reality TV star, Eustace Conway has carried his wealthy net worth to the great height which reads the figures of $200K.