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Marrieddivorce.com has been continously delivering contents focused mainly on relationship of the Hollywood celebrities irrespective of their success levels. We have only one goal: to act as mediator between contributor and readers with the same interest, i.e. Relationship!

Featuring a group of well-read writers who not only love to follow and write about relationship status/sexuality of famous people but also give you all those needed relationships advises, Marrieddivorce vows to shares with you the hottest relationship news in town and unravel what may be hidden behind the camera – both in the life of celebrity and everyday folks.

Since its initiation back in 2017, it has been successful as a platform that showcases how people are relating to being loved, their break-ups, their most romantic moments, turn-offs, their sexuality, their beliefs regarding courtship, and more.

But that's not it; the website's blog seeks to provide all those individuals an opportunity to share and write about their personal relationship experience and learn something from everyone else. Only when we can connect, we can feel a greater sense of belonging and self-worth.

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