Jessica Parido Bio, Age, Boyfriend, Father, Cancer, Net Worth

The reality star bio changed from single to married in the year 2015...Jessica, aged 29, has one younger sister named Kristina as her siblings...Jessica appeared to have moved on with her new boyfriend...She revealed to People in 2015 that her sister and her father were the ones she owed her life to following cancer battle

Jessica Parido Bio, Age, Boyfriend, Father, Cancer, Net Worth

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‘Life is like a roller coaster. It has its ups and downs. However, it is our choice to either scream or enjoys the ride.’

The scenario seems to fit perfectly for the young and talented reality star Jessica Parido, who has seen it all before turning the age of 30, from battling cancer to a cheating husband and boyfriend.          

Despite all the hard times, Jessica having navigated through an excruciating experience has bravely moved on into a new world full of hope and confidence.       

Jessica Parido’s Bio: Age, Career, Net Worth

Reality star Jessica was born on 12 December 1988 in Orange Country, California as Jessica Anne Parido. Jessica, aged 30, has one younger sister named Kristina as her siblings.

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Jessica came into limelight only after appearing in a reality series, Shahs of Sunset with her former husband, Mike Shouhed. She has a massive social media presence, with more than 410,000 Instagram followers and over 40,000 Twitter fans.

Before working on Shahs of Sunset, Jessica worked as a registered nurse. Besides her nursing and on-screen personality, Jessica has also tried her hands in entrepreneurship and owns GLAM ENVY LLC, a retail shop for a woman online clothing.

Talking about her net worth, Jessica has an estimated net worth ranging between $2 and $2.5 million.

Jessica Parido’s Boyfriend Jailed For 25 Years

The reality star bio changed from single to married in the year 2015. 

She and her ex-husband Mike Shouhed tied the knots on 29 March 2015 following their engagement. Mike is a businessman and a real estate personality and appeared in LA-based reality series Shahs of Sunset. The series chronicled the lives of Persian-American families living in the posh areas of Los Angeles. 

The couple exchanged the wedding vows at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel, Los Angeles, California. Furthermore, the lovebird had an extended honeymoon as they spent time in exotic locations, including Mykonos, Ibiza, and Paris.

Jessica Parido exchanges wedding vows with her husband Mike Shouhed on 29 March 2015 (Photo:

But barely after six months of togetherness, Mike and Jessica registered that they were having a hard time sailing the love boat. Not just that, Jessica filed for divorce only seven months after getting married. 

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Jessica accused her husband Mike of infidelity with several proofs found on his phone. After repeatedly denying that the marriage ended due to infidelity, Mike finally admitted that he cheated on Jessica.

However, the divorce took some time to get to its final verdict. The couple, having separated in early 2016, finally finalized the divorce settlements in the year 2017.

After her marriage life ended, Jessica appeared to have moved on with her new boyfriend, Karlen Shubaralyan. However, in 2016, Karlen faced a charge of domestic violence against his ex-wife and was sentenced to over 25 years of imprisonment.

As of now, with two failed relationships, the reality star Jessica is currently keeping a low profile life, focusing more on her business endeavors rather than her finding a partner.

Jessica Parido's Father & Sister Are To Thank For Cancer Survival

Despite being a huge fan following and a well-established face in the showbiz now, Jessica's career was in the danger of never really kicking on. 

When she was only 14-year-old Jessica was diagnosed with Leukemia, a rare form of cancer of the marrow, with little chance of surviving. She was admitted to Yorba Linda Hospital in California. During that time, Jessica was ready to shine as she was booked the lead role in the school play.

However, she could not make it onto that stage when her father broke the news that she had been diagnosed with Leukemia. She consistently faced lots of dizziness and weakness and eventually resulted in her weight loss.

There was only a 10 percent chance of survival, and a bone marrow transplant was suggested by the doctors as a possibility. And her sister Kristina, who was 12 at the time, was deemed a match.

But the transplant surgery left her immune system wiped out, and Jessica was put in an isolation room where she spent the next eight months of her life. 

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Even when Jessica was faced with months of homeschooling and limited access to anyone other than her parents, she never lost her faith and won the battle.  She revealed to People in 2015 that her sister and her father were the ones she owed her life to.

Not just that, Clearly impressed by her nurse's dedication she tried her hands-on nursing. 

As of now, the certified nurse is living a happy life away from the disease with an established career and her family behind her.

Jessica's pregnancy: A Miracle

After being diagnosed with leukemia in such an early age, Jessica was made to believe that she would never experience the feelings of motherhood. However, those beliefs were proved wrong after Jessica found out that she was pregnant, and moreover, naturally, despite the numbers of chemotherapies she went through in life.

Jessica Parido flaunts her miracle baby bump on 16 April 2019 (Photo: Jessica Parido's Instagram)

Jessica discovered her pregnancy somewhere around the mids of 2018. She was blessed with a baby boy on 23rd February 2019, what she called the birth of the little miracle. During her pregnancy, Jessica kept far from social media and cherished her moments, with no mixtures of reactions and comments. Later, on 16th April 2019, Jessica revealed her pregnancy and childbirth to her fans through Instagram.

However, Jessica did not put light upon the father of her baby. Also, the lady mentioned that, she was no more focused on the traditional pattern of relationship. So, there is no assurance of the fact that Jessica was married to the man, who she had her baby with.

But Jessica's ex-husband expressed the extremes of his happiness for the lady and mentioned that he would be there whenever she needed.

What-so-ever, the primary intent here is Jessica's comfort and pleasure that matters the most. Her fans have been really happy for the lady for the depth of joy she has experienced becoming a mother. Hopefully, this wonderful journey fills Jessica's life with greater highs to come in her way.