Beth Smith Children, Weight Loss, Cancer, Now- Facts You Need to Know

Beth Chapman was already pregnant at her teenage...she married again after her first marriage failed... her husband has 10 children while she has two from previous marriages...she was diagnosed with second stage throat cancer in 2017...her weight loss went to the whole another level with cancer and also the change in diet plan with exercise

Beth Smith Children, Weight Loss, Cancer, Now- Facts You Need to Know

Quick Information

Beth Chapman was an American reality television show producer and actor. She was famously known for starring in the American television series Dog the Bounty Hunter in 2003.

Her personal life was as exciting as her experience in television series. She was already pregnant at her teenage, She was also married once, but her relationship turned into a divorce. Later, she married the man with ten kids and found bliss. Amid the good times, she battled against throat cancer that resulted in her drastic weight loss.

Beth's Love At First Sight, Married Twice

Beth Chapman was happily married to Duane Chapman. The couple had crossed each other’s path a number of times but was not in a relationship for a long time.

The couple first met each other through her father when Beth was in trouble for the law. Beth was caught shoplifting lemons in 1980 and was jailed. So, Duane, who happened to be a bail bondsman, bailed out Beth.

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The meeting was love at first sight for Beth, but Duane was initially avoiding her as he was already a married man. Later, when Duane's mom died, he sought help from Beth and her family members as he was into drug addiction.

The frequent meeting arose the chemistry between the two, and the duo started dating. 

They even exchanged wedding vows and got married on 20 May 2006. Soon, after the marriage, the couple was blessed with two children: a daughter named Joanne Chapman and a son named Gary Chapman.

Beth Smith and her husband Duane Chapman enjoying their weekend at Glenwood Springs, Colorado on 12 June 2018 (Photo: Beth Smith's Instagram)

Beth relished her days with her husband and children. 

Interstingly, Beth and Duane, both had a long history of marriage and kids. Beth was the fifth wife of Duane and has 12 kids in total.

His first marriage was with La Fonda Sue Honeycutt on 1 April 1972 and bore two kids. He later divorced her on 27 October 1977.

Duane was again married to Anne M. Tegnell on 22 August 1979 in Colorado. He had three kids from his second marriage, but unfortunately, his first son died shortly after his birth. He married Lyssa Rae Brittain on 22 June 1982 and divorced on 20 November 1991.

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He had three children from his third marriage as well but again, his first daughter, Barbara Katie Chapman, died in a car accident in 2006. After long years of marriage and divorce history, he finally met Beth.

Likewise, Beth was previously married to Kieth A. Barmore. This marriage resulted in the birth of their daughter, Cecily Barmore Chapman. But their relationship soon turned south and the duo got divorced in 1991.

Additionally, Beth was already pregnant when she was a teenager. She even thought of abortion as an option but avoided it. She had a son named Dominic Smith from her high school affair. 

Beth Chapman’s Bio

Beth Chapman was born as Alice Elizabeth Smith on 29 October 1967 in Colorado, the United States. She grew up in her hometown but later moved to Hawaii with her family. 

Her father, Garry Smith, was a former professional baseball player, who played for Kansas City Athletics in the Professional Baseball League. However, there are no details about her mother or siblings.

Beth was the youngest bail bondsman in Colorado, at the age of 29. This record is now broken by her stepdaughter, Lyssa who accomplished it at the age of 19.

She was also introduced to other shows like Dogs: The Family Speaks and Dog and Beth: On the Hunt. Her shows were widely appreciated and famous commercially. 

Interestingly, Beth gained huge attention after her tremendous weight loss. She was always seen as a chubby and a curvy lady. But she lost 50 pounds as she reportedly changed her diet, maintained regular exercise and workouts along with lifestyle changes.

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Her weight degraded more when Beth battled with cancer. She was diagnosed with stage two cancer in 2017 after she went for a routine checkup due to the constant coughing for two months. 

So, Beth went through 12-hours long surgery in September 2017 and became cancer free.

Beth Died After Battling Cancer

When everything was going alright, Beth was suddenly admitted to The Queen's Medical Center in Honolulu after suffering a lot of pain on 22 June 2019. After she was admitted she became agitated and began to yank out her IV lines due to which doctors mildly sedated her. 

When Beth was still agitated doctors decided to move forth with a medically-induced coma. When Beth was on her death bed, for a distraction, her husband shared her decorated nails photo. 

Sadly, after two days in the hospital bed, Beth waved her goodbyes to the world. After her death, her husband tweeted saying, "We all love you, Beth. See you on the other side."

To lose someone near to heart is very difficult. Duane is currently mourning his wife's death.

When he was spotted for the first time after his wife's death, he looked sorrowful and hurt. Hopefully, he will overcome the pain and make himself strong.

Five Facts About Beth Chapman

  • Beth married Duane 'Dog' Chapman in Hawaii, a day after his daughter, Barbara-Katie Chapman, was killed in an automobile accident in Fairbanks, Alaska on 20 May 2006.
  • Beth is also a stepmother to Nicholas Chapman, Duane Lee Chapman Jr., Leland Chapman, Wesley Chapman, James Chapman, Christopher Hecht, Barbara-Katie "B.K." Chapman, Tucker Chapman, and Lyssa Chapman.
  • Beth became a licensed bail bondsman at the age of 29 and was the youngest in Colorado history. However, the record has been broken by her step-daughter, Lyssa Chapman, who became a licensed bounty hunter at the age of 19.
  • Beth has four children, a son named Dominic Smith (born on 1985) with her ex-boyfriend; a daughter named Cecily Barmore Chapman (born on 1993) with her ex-husband Keith A. Barmore; a daughter named Bonnie Joanne Chapman (born on 1998) and a son named Garry Chapman (born on 2000) with her husband Duane 'Dog' Chapman.
  • She has lived in Hawaii since 1989.