Is BBC's Liz Bonnin Married? Who Is Her Husband? | Marital Status

Liz Bonnin's bio suggests that she is not married...clears the rumor that she has a husband...was speculated to be dating with...acquired her education from...broadened the horizon by working on...mentioned her husband to be…marital status and relationship is kept…parents belongs to two different origins…moved to Ireland at the age of…

Is BBC's Liz Bonnin Married? Who Is Her Husband? | Marital Status

Quick Information

There are some personalities in the world for whom we can never praise enough. And out of them, one is undoubtedly the media personality, Liz Bonnin.

Well, Liz is an experienced lady, who has left her charisma on different TV shows including Bang Goes The Theory and The Transit Of Venus. As well, she is a biochemist and Wildlife Biologist.

Liz Bonnin’s Career Plus Net Worth

As biological science always enthralled Liz, she followed her passion. As a result of which, she got a job at BBC as an anchor of the series Bang Goes The Theory, a BBC 1’s famous science magazine show, which aired for eight seasons.

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After this particular show, Liz was also bestowed with the chance to work different science and natural history programs. That includes BBC 2’s Horizon, presenting specials on The Transit Of Venus and Tomorrow’s World, and BBC 2’s Museum Of Life, a showcase of the Natural History Museum in London.

Media spots Liz Bonnin while shooting for BBC2's Horizon program, Should We Close Our Zoos on 2017 (Photo: BBC)

Liz presented the two-part documentary Animal Odd Couples and Operation Snow Tiger on BBC1. In 2016, Liz got featured in BBC2 Horizon program Should We Close Our Zoos?, and Who do you think you are?

With a dynamic career in the pocket, it is likely that the Bang Goes The Theory anchor garners a staggering amount of net worth. To be accurate, Liz’s net worth is around $3 million.

Liz Bonnin Marital Status, Partner?

Liz Bonnin prefers to remain mum when the subject comes to expounding her relationship life. Maybe she has her reasons to remain silent. And everyone respects her for that.

As already said, there is only minimal information available about Liz’s relationship life as Liz has managed to keep it far from the eyes of the public. She has never shared anything about her dates. All the things that are available right now are gossips and rumors.

One of such dating rumor was with her program co-host, Dallas Campbell. But the pair denied the rumors straightly and clarified that they are good friends and are not in a girlfriend-boyfriend relationship.

The rumors also have it that she dated a publisher John Ryan. But the media woman is yet to talk about that subject.

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That being said, Liz did mention her husband to be Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory, but that was in a humorous manner. As of now, she is not married. Perhaps that’s a green light for the guys, who have a crush on her.

Liz Bonnin’s Biography (Age)

The elegant media woman was born on 16 September 1972  in Paris, France to her parents. Her mother is a Trinidadian of Portuguese-Indian origin, and her father is a French. The family relocated to Ireland just when Liz was at the age of nine. She grew up with her sister, Benni.

For education, she went to Trinity College, Dublin and gained a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry.

Furthering the horizon of her education, she earned a Master’s degree from the Zoological Society of London, where she studied Wild Animal Biology. Her research project as a graduate student took her to the exotic land where the Himalayas sits; Nepal. There, she studied wild animals, specifically wild-tigers.