Jason Silva Wife, Girlfriend, Family, Net Worth

Jason Silva is not married to a wife, yet...relationship with his girlfriend...began dating a few months after...37 years of age...support for gay marriage...getting over the affair...grew up in a family of five...his actual ethnicity...height ends up in eternity...mentality of people has a weight...received his education from...garnered a hefty amount of net worth...

Jason Silva Wife, Girlfriend, Family, Net Worth

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Spirituality is the purest form of love. The depth of its height ends up in eternity. 

The exclusively talented TV personality and filmmaker, Jason Silva has taken up the path of spirituality, which is an evident root for his positivity. His approach to his divine self has led him to become a great speaker, storyteller, as well as a futurist. 

Jason Silva is further renowned as the host of the Emmy-nominated show, Brain Games on the National Geographic Channel. The show is a global hit with 171 countries broadcasting it. 

Jason’s rise to fame is obviously from the show Brain Games, but he has made his success more prominent by his more massive take on it. He is thus an inspirational personality who has given talks in various global events. Among them are TED Global, The Economist, Microsoft, Intel, Oracle, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and many more. 

Amidst his motivational grounds, one is his support for gay marriage. 

In the year 2012, the man openly came to media and forwarded his support to gay marriage and quoted that “the government had no place trying to legislate love.” 

His works for the progressive changes in the mentality of people has a weight that cannot be compared to the riches he amasses from his work.

However, as a host for the TV show, the man supposedly earns an average of $9.62 per hour. His grand hourly salary has undoubtedly garnered him a satisfying amount of net worth. 

Jason Silva Married To Wife Or Dating Girlfriend? 

Jason Silva is happy in his relationship with his girlfriend, Rachel Rossitto. The couple has been dating since the end-months of 2018.

Jason and Rachel began dating a few months after Rachel married herself and took a 6-month vow of celibacy in April 2018.

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Past that, the lady had been in a five years long relationship with her best friend. She had a tough time getting over the affair. Thus, she ended up on a spiritual path for a certain while.

However, after meeting Jason, Rachel has again started living life to the fullest. She is seen exploring the world, along with Jason. Not only Jason, but the lady is also very close to his family.

In the course of his show, Jason keeps traveling and exploring different places. Their social media reveals that since some months, Jason has been traveling with his girlfriend Rachel.

In May 2019, Jason’s brother and father also joined a short trip with the couple. All of them seemed extremely pleased with each other’s company.

Jason Silva spends quality time with his girlfriend Rachel Rossitto, father Luis and brother Jorden on 10 May 2019 (Photo: Rachel Rossitto's Instagram)

When and how did the couple meet? It is a fact yet to be disclosed.

However, what makes Jason and Rache so connected to each other is their spiritual connection. Both of them are headed in the path of spirituality and, believe in the superiority of the divine being.

Jason and his girlfriends’ connection clear the reason for their positive approach to love despite their age difference of 25 years. They have developed a beautiful bond that makes the couple look like pure beings in love.

It looks like, the only end to their connection is a marital tie. Hopefully, Jason and Rachel get married sooner or later to become husband and wife to each other.

Jason Silva Age, Family

Jason Silva is a popular TV personality, filmmaker, and storyteller who is 37 years of age. 

Born in Caracas, Venezuela to Linda Mishkin and Luis Manuel Silva, his family roots back to Venezuela. Despite his Venezuelan roots, Jason has publically not opened up about his actual ethnicity.

However, in one of his interviews back in 2014, the man revealed that he grew up in a secular Jewish household.

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Jason grew up in a family of five. He was one of the three children of his parents. He was raised alongside his brother Jorden and sister Paulina. 

When it comes to his education, Jason attended the University of Miami and graduated with the degrees in Philosophy and Film.