Fadi Fawaz Wiki, Net Worth, Partner, Now

Fadi Fawaz celebrates his birthday on...Fadi's wiki reveals that his nationality is Lebanese...At the age of 45, he...net worth is not disclosed...with his partner George Michael...rejoiced his gay relationship...not dating anyone...his nationality is Lebanese...at the height of his career...hairstylist...secretive nature...Now, Fadi is probably single...

Fadi Fawaz Wiki, Net Worth, Partner, Now

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Fadi Fawaz might have been in a relationship with late British singer George Michael, but he has an identity of his own. Fadi is a well-known celebrity hairstylist and male model.

Handsome Fadi Fawaz rejoiced his gay relationship with star George Michael for a long time but did not like all the attention that media provided him. He would rather live a private life away from the spotlight. 

So how is Fadi Fawaz handling all the media attention?

Fadi Fawaz's Wiki, Age, Net Worth

Born in 1973 in Lebanon, Fadi Fawaz celebrates his birthday on 24 May every year. Fadi's wiki reveals that his nationality is Lebanese, even though he was raised in Australia. Before working as a hairstylist and a model, Fadi worked as a photographer. 

Fadi Fawaz is a notoriously private person. It is his relationship with George Michael that put him on the limelight, but he never wanted any attention from the media. Because of his secretive nature, Fadi Fawaz has not revealed much about his parents and family. 

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Every personal detail about Fadi Fawaz's family and childhood remains a mystery.

Fadi Fawaz even deleted his Twitter account in December 2018, so it is challenging to determine anything about his personal life.

At the age of 45, Fadi Fawaz is at the height of his career and acing his job as a hairstylist. Fadi's net worth is not disclosed yet, but he earns an average of $74K, so he has probably amassed a hefty amount.

Fadi Fawaz Now

Now, Fadi is probably single and not dating anyone as he regularly reminisces his lover George Michael, as English singer's memory. 

Fadi Fawaz met the singer George Michael in 2009 and started dating each other in 2011. The couple were inseparable and very much in love. Despite George Michael's substance abuse and suicidal behavior might have been terrible to handle for Fadi, but Fadi was very much in love with the star to leave him on his own.

Fadi Fawaz enjoys a vacation with his partner George Michael (Photo: thesun.co.uk)

Fadi Fawaz supported George's battle with life and even helped him improve in rehab. Fadi was with George on all his ups and downs, and when George tried to take his life by stabbing himself 25 times, Fadi was heartbroken. 

Although Fadi was always supportive of George's issues, the singer lost his life in 2018. He was found dead on his bed, and the reason for his death was said to be dilated cardiomyopathy with myocarditis and fatty liver. Fadi was the one who first discovered the dead body, which was cold and blue.

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The demise was terrifically traumatic for Fadi, and he probably can never forget it. Recently on 26 December 2018, Fadi was found visiting George's grave with a sad look on his face.

Even though Fadi and George were never legally married, they shared many intimate moments together.