TLC Anna Johnston Wiki, Age, School, Parents

Anna is known to the world as one of the Johnstons from the TLC reality show, 7 Little reveals her age...celebrates her birthday on 7 for her senior school year...parents went to celebrate their 20th Anniversary...parents stand at the height of 4 feet and, 4 feet 3 the age of 4 with many health complications...

TLC Anna Johnston Wiki, Age, School, Parents

Quick Information

Anna Johnston is from the family of the world famous little people, all of whom live with a genetic condition called Achondroplasia which is the most common form of dwarfism. Her brother Jonah Johnston is elder to her while all three other siblings are younger to her. 

Anna has always appeared as a good daughter of the Johnstons. She is undoubtedly very thankful to her parents for adopting her and facilitating her with everything she would need in life. 

Besides, Anna is also loved by her parents and siblings for her maturity and decisive nature. When her parents leave home for their work, they handle the overall responsibility of the house and her siblings to Anna.

In the last season of 7 Little Johnstons, Anna’s parents went to celebrate their 20th Anniversary and leaped their life as parents. The overall responsibilities of the house were given to Anna while they headed for their romantic getaway. 

Anna Johnston Wiki: Age, Parents

Born in the year 2000, Anna Johnston is 18 years of age. The Russian born little lady celebrates her birthday on 7 May every year. Anna is the first adoption and third child of her parents Amber and Trent Johnston who stand at the height of 4 feet (1.21 meters) and, 4 feet 3 inches (1.31 meters) respectively.

Anna was adopted from Russian Orphanage in Siberia at the age of 4 with many health complications.

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Before she entered her teens, Anna had to go through a spinal fusion surgery. However, being a member of one of the largest and most popular dwarf families, Anna has been able to stay positive. As of now, she is still in the process of healing from the treatment.

TLC Show 7 Little Johnstons

Anna is known to the world as one of the Johnstons from the TLC reality show, 7 Little Johnstons. She is one of the five children of Trent and Amber and is lovable among her siblings.

The 4th season of 7 Little Johnstons wrapped with Anna getting into trouble for not following the rules set by her parents during the family vacation.

One of the two rules set by her parents was, no one was allowed to get into any other hotel rooms, which was broken by Anna by entering into a room of a guy. Her parents punished her by not getting her the car for her senior school year.

Many viewers quoted that, the year 2018 was a bad year for Anna. This was because she did well the whole year, but her wrong decision, in the end, got her into some terrible consequences.

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The show didn’t end here. On 2 April 2019, it was back with a bang with a whole lot of new experiences on the path of the little Johnstons. Before the premiere of the new season, Anna and her little sister Elizabeth Johnston even attended their respective senior and junior prom.

Anna Johnston poses on her prom outfit on 24 March 2019 (Photo: 7 Little Johnston's Instagram)

Hopefully, Anna will have good times throughout this season.