Janet Roach Wiki, Age, Birthday, Husband, Son, Net Worth

Janet Roach is concerned about her looks even at the age of...is soon getting married to her boyfriend...married twice before she found love in...has two sons in her family...younger son got in fire and suffered burns to 70 percent of his body...wished herself birthday on...as per wiki, she has a net worth that is estimated to be of...

Janet Roach Wiki, Age, Birthday, Husband, Son, Net Worth

Quick Information

A self-made woman, Janet Roach is a property developer. She’s also a reality TV star, who got stardom after being the part of the show, The Real Housewives of Melbourne in 2014. However, she left the show in 2017 due to her feud with co-stars, Lydia Schiavello and Gina Liano.

In her career, he was won awards like WGA Award for the best screenplay based on material from another medium and BAFT film award for best screenplay from Prizzi's Honor. She has also been nominated for NSFC Award, LAFCA Award, David, Golden Globe, Oscar.

As a celebrity, Janet is concerned about her beauty and looks despite her age. The bold entrepreneur has enhanced her beauty through plastic surgery, botox, fillers and little of champagne.

However, as it is said beauty comes with a price, likewise, she worked very hard to get what she has now.

Moreover, once she was fat-shamed by her rival in the show. In revenge, she lost her weight, and in her Instagram, she flaunted her sexy-bikini body. To get that body she chose clean eating and restricted axed sugar, alcohol, and processed foods from her diet.

She followed a fitness regimen and walked for 40-50 minutes four times a week and did strength training with at the gym three times per week. With all the hard work she was able to shut the person who fat-shamed her and proudly flaunted her hourglass figure. 

Well, not only for cosmetics but Janet also has the heart to help others. She is active in funding charities and helps those, who are in need.

Janet Roach’s Wiki:

Janet Roach was born in Australia in 1958. She celebrates her birthday every 16 August and is currently 60 years old.

In 2016, she wished herself a happy birthday by posting her picture on Instagram. Via the caption, she disclosed that she was standing in front of the mirror while repeating "age is just a number."

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Well, apart from that the information related to Janet’s parents and children has not been revealed in social media. Nevertheless, all credit to her Instagram; it came to the light that she has a great relationship with her dad.

On 2016 Father’s day, Janet Instagrammed a picture of her father and tagged him as the world’s greatest dad. She also mentioned him as her first love.

Janet Roach Married Twice; Ready For Third

Janet has already married twice in her life. 

At first, she married George Zogoolas at the Burnley Greek Orthodox church. She even welcomed two children, now thirty-one-year-old Paul and twenty-seven years old Jake with her husband. However, the birth of the baby boys couldn't save her relationship as Janet divorced her husband eventually.

After the divorce, Janet married a 35-year-old man. But, the identity of her second husband and the date of their separation has never been mentioned in any media.

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After the failure of two marriages, Janet enjoyed her singlehood for five years until she found love within the boss of Chemist Warehouse, Sam Gance. Janet had known Sam for almost 30 years before they started their romantic relationship.

Janet timely complains her partner to be bossy about the plans that he makes without consulting her. But the problems appear to be no big deal as, Janet on 14th January, revealed that she is ready to tie the wedding knots with Sam.

Janet Roach: A Mother Of Two 

When, Janet underwent divorce procedure with her first husband, George, she won the custody of both her sons. Since then, she has been parenting her little ones with affection and care while holding a close-knit relationship with them. 

She made a family out of her torn relationships and caressed her children. 

Janet Roach on her way to Brisbane with her youngest son, Jake on 23 February 2017 (Photo: Janet Roach's Instagram)

However, her family faced a tragedy when Janet's younger son, Jake got in fire and suffered burns to 70 percent of his body in April 2011. For nearly three weeks, he was in a coma. Though he is a lot better now, he continues his treatments.

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After the incident, Janet's family started the foundation named, The Roach Foundation, to help burns victims, who are unable to afford the treatments that Jake received. Moreover, Janet launched a venture called Raw Essentials, after she and her son noticed that herbal teas benefited in recovery. 

As a successful entrepreneur, a property developer, and reality television personality, Janet accumulates a considerable income. Janet's net worth till date is estimated to be $25 million.