Arwa Damon Married, Husband, Boyfriend, Lesbian, Salary, CNN

Date: 11 Jun, 2017

Arwa Damon Married, Husband, Boyfriend, Lesbian, Salary, CNN

She is a woman who personifies success and courage. She worked hard to get to the height of excellence that she has achieved today. Arwa Damon is an Arab-American lady who has the brains to use her talents. She is a senior international correspondent working for CNN based in Istanbul. Arwa dedicated most of her time since 2003 to cover the happenings and events in the Middle East. She was an inspirational freelance journalist who worked her best before joining CNN. 

Arwa never believed in limiting herself in one job. With her will and courage, she established a non-profit organization called She successfully plays her part in this team as a President and co-founder. She helps the children wounded in war. It is very kind of her to acknowledge the need for her country and taking the step to do what she could do. You can help her in her actions and do your bit if you are interested in her works. Healing the wounds of the children hurt in war gives her immense pleasure. 

Arwa was born to a Syrian mother and American father. One of the most remarkable things about her is that she is the grand-daughter of the prime minister of Syria. That must be the reason she understood the problems of the war wounded children and understood the need of the countries in the zone she serves. She learned many languages because she lived in many countries like Turkey, America, etc. She can speak Arabic, French, English, and Turkish. She went on to be an educated woman who majored in French and biology. 

Damon won several awards which encourage her to keep moving on in her career. She won the Investigative Reporters and Editor’s IRE Award which helped her to explore more of her talents as a journalist. Damon was in the CNN team when it won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Live Coverage of a Current News Story – Long Form back in 2012. Recently in 2014, she received the Courage in Journalism Award which proves the success she achieved in the courageous choice of career she made back in her youth. 

Arwa never talked about her love life. We can‘t tell if she is married or single. Had she been married, she would have appeared with her husband in awards function that she attended. At this age, she is never out with her boyfriend. The lack of any relation with a man raises a question on her sexuality being gay or lesbian. But we can’t confirm it because she never spoke about it. 

Arwa is not a woman who limits herself to her religion; she never stays inside her house but loves to explore the world. She earns a promising salary which has given her a comfortable life. You can read her biography in several wikis.