Harry Enten Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Parents

Harry Enten is a prominent journalist who works as a senior writer and analyst at CNN. Enten, who is also popular for his hilarious Twitter posts might be single currently, as his Twitter presence suggests.

Harry Enten Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Parents

Quick Information

The American journalist Harry Enten is a reputed tv news personality known for his association with CNN Politics. However, as popular as he is for his brilliance in his field of expertise, Enten is equally famous for his hilarious Twitter posts with thousands of followers. 

Besides his vocation, there are many queries regarding the love life of the CNN journalist. But, based on his social media presence, Enten seems to be single currently.

Is Harry Enten Single?

The analyst has never openly shared information about his girlfriend, but once, he made a Twitter post saying that his girlfriend sent him a picture of a dog named Lenny. 

The post of 2018 made thousand of his fans wonder who his girlfriend was, but never did he reveal his mysterious partner that he referred to on the post. 

Besides, the journalist is also known for making jokes on Twitter about looking for a girlfriend, which blew up on the internet and one of his followers had a hilarious reaction.

On July 7, 2013, Enten took to Twitter and funnily wrote that he was ‘seeking’ a girlfriend. 

After the post, he came with another Twitter post in 2016, announcing that he was single and looking for a partner. He wrote,

F-it. Let's play Twinder. If you live in NYC metro & are a woman (sorry guys), I'm single. Please don't be a psychopath & please like dogs.

Responding to Enten’s girlfriend-search post, one of his Twitter followers, Jonathan Mann, even wrote a song titled ‘Harry Enten Is Looking For A Girlfriend,’ which received 89 retweets and thousands of views on YouTube

However, there hasn’t been any update from Enten if the girlfriend search was indeed successful. But, it is certain that the CNN writer is not married and is yet to have a wife.

A Look Into His Personal Life

The Twitter famous journalist was born on June 22, 1988, and was raised by his parents in the Riverdale neighborhood of the Bronx in New York City.   

Besides his girlfriend posts, Enten also mentioned his family a few times on his social handle. His Twitter posts revealed that his father, Harold Enten, was sixty-year-old when he was born and that Enten hung out with his father all the time. 

Enten also gave a glimpse of his father to his Twitter followers, uploading a photo of him with then-mayor Abe Beame in 1976. 

Unfortunately, his father, with whom Enten shared a close-knitted bond, passed away in 2015. And, the loving son shared his thoughts on his relationship with his father through a Twitter- upload writing

He was over 60 years older than I am. Despite or perhaps because of this gap, we became best friends...I spoke with my father every day on the phone. 

While Enten’s father was a judge by profession, his mother, Barbara E. Strassberg, still works as a doctor. Moreover, coming from a family of Jewish ethnicity, Enten stands tall at the height of 6 feet 2 inches.

For his education, he went to Riverdale Country School and Dartmouth College and began pursuing his career in journalism after he graduated in 2011. 

Career Bio

Enten, who is just 33, has reached the heights of his career, already receiving tremendous recognition and admiration for his expertise.  

He began by publishing a blog named Margin of Error and at the same time worked in Washington D.C. as an intern at NBC News Political Unit. 

Later, Enten went onto become a journalist for the British daily newspaper, The Guardian. Soon after, he joined an American website called FiveThirtyEight, which was relaunched under ESPN. 

Presenting his political opinions in the FiveThirtyEight podcast, he received massive exposure. But later left the show to become a part of the CNN network in 2018 and worked as a senior writer and analyst at the network. 

Based on a report by glassdoor, the journalist probably earns an annual salary of over 100 thousand dollars for his current position at CNN. Judging his income, it wouldn’t be surprising to assume his net worth to be seven figures or more.