Tracy Butler Bio, Age, Husband, Children, Parents

Tracy Butler's bio reveals her age...married to her husband for more than 26 years...have two children together...Tracy’s early family life...nowhere less than her parents...salary definitely exceeds the amount...amount of property and net worth...birthday on 20 March...the heights of in broadcasting...

Tracy Butler Bio, Age, Husband, Children, Parents

Quick Information

Renowned meteorologist Tracy Butler pursued her education in journalism. She attended the Indiana University in Pennsylvania and earned her B.S. degree in Broadcasting.

After the completion of her education in broadcasting, the lady went on to the Mississippi State University where she was awarded her Meteorology certification in 2001. 

As of now, Tracy Butler is already one of the famous names in the field of weather casting. 

Tracy Butler Bio: Age, Family 

The longest-running American female meteorologist, Tracy Butler, celebrates her birthday on 20 March every year. Despite her long run as a public figure, Tracy has not revealed her actual age. However, she still looks very youthful and energetic each time she walks onto the sets for weather presentation. 

Further, Tracy has also been quite low-key when it comes to her early family life with her parents. She once made an Instagram post wishing her father for the Veteran’s Day, which cleared out the fact that Tracy’s father served as an Army.

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Other than that, the only thing known about Tracy’s parents is, the two have already completed 57 glamorous years of their wedding and are near to the 58th year. 

Hopefully, someday, Tracy shares more about her parents to her fans who are willing to extend their knowledge of Tracy’s early family life. 

Married To Husband, Family With Children

Tracy is nowhere less than her parents when it comes to maintaining relationships. The lady has been married to her husband for more than 26 years. Tracy and her husband, Michael, celebrate their wedding anniversary on the 5th of September every year. 

Tracy and Michael look adorable together, even to this date. They look young and fresh as a couple and manage to give the best shot in each of their joint public appearances. 

Tracy Butler attends an event with her husband, Michael, in February 2017 (Photo: Tracy Butler's Facebook)

The secret to their long-lasting relationship is obviously their good nature, but one plus point to it, are undoubtedly their children. 

Tracy and her husband have two children together, both of whom are their daughters. Both daughters are fantastic athletes and play competitive tennis as well as golf.

Hopefully, like their parents, Tracy and Michael’s daughters also make it to the heights of popularity through their excellent work. 

Her Salary, Net Worth

Tracy has worked as a meteorologist for ABC for more than 25 years. Her long term contribution in the duty has definitely gained the lady a famous name and reputation among the journalists. And without a doubt, Tracy must have garnered an immense amount of property and net worth to this date.

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Although she has not revealed her actual salary from the network, her salary definitely exceeds the amount to the average of any common meteorologist in the network.

The average salary of an ABC meteorologist is more than $76K, which is supposedly very less than the amount Tracy is paid.