Sandro Maniaci Bio Uncovers Age, Married Status, Net Worth & Family

Commercial fisherman Sandro Maniaci had an interest in fishing from a young per bio, comes from a fisherman's family...used to spend time fishing and catching sunfish in ponds...makes an average salary that worth is yet to be...maintained a low key love life...single man with no rush to get married...

Sandro Maniaci Bio Uncovers Age, Married Status, Net Worth & Family

Quick Information

Not everyone requires highly qualified academics to be successful. There are examples of people, who led a successful career because of their skills and interests too. One of such people is the famous commercial fisherman Sandro Maniaci.

Sandro is one of the few accomplished fishermen to reach the height of success with his incredible fishing skills and experiences.

Sandro Maniaci Biography 

Born on 22 November 1986, Sandro was raised in Gloucester, New Jersey. He comes from a family where his uncle and father were professionally engaged in fishing. Being from a fisherman’s family, it was no new thing for Sandro to develop an interest in fishing at a young age. Observing his uncle and father, his interest in the fishing industry grew with time.

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During Sandro’s grade school days, he used to spend time fishing and catching sunfish in ponds. Realizing his interest in the same field as his father’s, Sandro’s mom used to take him to the docks and let him practice fishing.

Is Sandro Married?

When it comes to Sandro’s relationship status, the young fisherman has maintained a low-key love life. While he is seen busy with his young professional life, Sandro is yet to spill the beans concerning his relationship.

However back on 23 March 2014, he replied to a tweet stating he was unmarried. But as time has passed, there might have been changes in his love life now. Rather than showing interest in a girlfriend or a partner, Sandro is seen spending quality time with his dog, Layla.

Sandro Maniaci spends good time with his dog Layla on 7 November 2017(Photo: Sandro Maniaci's Instagram)

As Sandro never gushed about his love life and there are no signs of him being in love, he is speculated to be a single man with no rush to get married.

Net Worth, Sandro Maniaci's Salary

With his dedication in fishing, Sandro finally made his dream come true.

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Sandro Maniaci got his big break with Wicked Tuna after he and Dave Carraro went tuna fishing. They met through a mutual friend and went out to catch tuna for the first time, and that was when he found a 1200lber fish. After that, Sandro became a crew member of the Tuna Boat. 

Since then, he has been a famous face of the show Wicked Tuna alongside Dave Carraro, Dave Marciano, and Paul Herbert.

When asked his favorite part about fishing, Sandro said he loved the thrill from the challenge. Further, he also enjoys getting the fish to bite the bait and never gets enough of the ultimate tough hurdle.

Sandro has also been the winner of the annual Bluefin Blowout tournament up in Gloucester, Massachusetts with a fish weighing in at over 900lbs.

He also has his clothing line named Big Tuna Apparel which is doing great and has brought lots of cash to Sandro's clothing line. 

As a tuna fisherman, he makes an average salary that ranges between $32,000 and $40,000. However, the exact figure of Sandro's net worth is yet to be confirmed.