Mehdi Hasan Wife, Family, Salary, Ethnicity

Mehdi Hasan is married to a Muslim wife...his family is originally from India...salary as a reveals his age...birthday on 10 July every year...reached heights of fame...ethnicity roots back to India...preconceived notions regarding religion...Oxford for his education...notable career works...affairs today...the list of “The 500 Most Influential Muslims” of...

Mehdi Hasan Wife, Family, Salary, Ethnicity

Quick Information

Mehdi Hasan has reached heights of fame as one of the most influential journalists of the world. His work as a host for Al Jazeera English shows, Head to Head and UpFront, have been some of his most notable career works.

Apart from Al Jazeera English, Mehdi has also worked for Channel 4, Huffington Post and The Intercept. Many of his works include the position of Muslims in the European and American society.

In his writings, Mehdi has incorporated the European and American society’s preconceived notions regarding religion and countries. This has helped him include his name in the list of “The 500 Most Influential Muslims” of the world.

Moreover, Mehdi’s sarcastic upfront has also included him in the list of “100 most influential Britons on Twitter.” 

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From all his works to this date, Mehdi has undoubtedly garnered an incredible amount of property and riches. The excess amount of his riches include his salary as a Journalist for Al Jazeera English and The Intercept, which is about an average of $82K and $84K respectively.

Mehdi Hasan Bio, Age & Family

Born in 1979, the famous British Journalist, Mehdi Hasan, is 39 years of age in the time being. The England born splendid presenter celebrates his birthday on 10 July every year. Mehdi’s ethnicity roots back to India as his family is originally from India.

Mehdi Hasan tweets on his parents' nationality on 2 May 2014 (Mehdi Hasan's Twitter)

Ever since his early days, Mehdi was interested in the field of social sciences. He was an outstanding learner and attended the University of Oxford for his education. Mehdi graduated with a degree in Politics, Economics and Philosophy from the university in 2000. 

Thus, his extraordinary works in the field of politics and current affairs today is no surprise as the man has excelled in the area ever since his school and college days.

Mehdi Hasan Married to Wife

As a journalist, Mehdi Hasan has obviously been very open about his career but has always tried to conceal his personal life. Although he has mentioned his wife and daughter in some of his articles, he has not revealed many details regarding them.

From some little information that he has unveiled in his writings, it can be confirmed that Mehdi is married to a Muslim lady. Though Mehdi has not revealed the name of his wife, he has mentioned in an article that she is an American by nationality.

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Further, Mehdi has confirmed through his articles that, he and his wife together, have a daughter who is about 11 years of age.

As of now, Mehdi resides in Washington DC of the United States with his wife and family.