How Much Is Manoj Bhargava Net Worth? Wife, Family Details

Manoj Bhargava was born in 1953...embraces the nationality of an American...ethnicity the age of 65...with his parents and two siblings...after graduating from high school...pretentious lifestyle...lived as a monk for twelve years...started the business of...launched an electricity generating...contributed to his net worth of...about his family life...happily married to his wife...

How Much Is Manoj Bhargava Net Worth? Wife, Family Details

Quick Information

Billionaire Manoj Bhargava does not like the idea of a normal life. Of Indian descent, Manoj moved to Philadelphia when he was just a teenager. He was admitted to Princeton University, but he had other plans than studying in one of the top universities in the world. Manoj returned to his hometown, India and lived as a monk for twelve years before returning to the US.

So, how did Manoj Bhargava become a billionaire at 65 years of age? 

Manoj Bhargava Nationality & Ethnicity

Businessman and philanthropist, Manoj Bhargava was born in 1953 in Lucknow, India. His embraces the nationality of an American, belonging to the ethnicity of East Asian. He lived in a residence surrounded by a farm in India with his parents and two siblings. Manoj's book publisher father wanted to attend Wharton Business School, which led the family to migrate to Philadelphia when Manoj was a teenager.

In Philadelphia, Manoj lived in a tiny two-bed apartment with his family and attended the Hill School. After graduating from high school, the entrepreneur attended Princeton University but dropped out after a year because of his pretentious lifestyle. He worked as a cab driver for sometime before going to India where he lived as a monk for twelve years.

Manoj finally returned to the United States in 1990 and got engaged in the plastic company of his father. He believed that working with the plastics gave him more knowledge of chemicals, which made him realize what he wanted to do in life.

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In 2006, Manoj opened a consumer products company, Living Essentials LLC. He started the business of selling 2 ounces energy drink, which was an instant success, making him a billionaire. The two ounces energy drink is named 5-Hour Energy that contains caffeine and Vitamin B.

His Wife, Family

Indian-American billionaire Manoj Bhargava isn't a fan of standing at the light of stardom. However, when necessary, he reveals information about his family life in interviews now and then. He is happily married to his wife, Sadhna Bhargava. The couple tied their knot in 1989. They welcomed their son Shaan three years into their married life. Shaan is a graduate of Michigan State University, who now contributes to Manoj's philanthropic organizations. 

Manoj Bhargava's son Shaan Bhargava visits poverty-stricken people in India on 19 November 2014 (Photo:

Shaan Bhargava, who has learned life lessons from his father, is undoubtedly following Manoj's footsteps. In addition to donating money, Shaan continually visits India and talks to the old and ragged, widows and orphan children. There's no doubt that Manoj and his wife are proud parents of their son. The Bhargava family now resides in Michigan. 

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Manoj Bhargava's Net Worth

Manoj Bhargava's 5-hour energy shot has amassed him a good fortune. Apart from his consumer products company, Bhargava also makes a decent amount of money from other factors. He recently launched an electricity generating bicycle which costs from Rs.12000 to Rs.15000. The bicycle can generate enough electricity for a rural household with one hour of pedaling.

His involvement in politics has also contributed to his net worth of $1.3 billion. The Indian entrepreneur doesn't merit in luxury and donates a considerable amount of money to the poor people living in slums in India every year.