Karoun Demirjian Bio Reveals Married, Husband, Family Details

Journalist Karoun Demirjian's bio reveals...regularly talks about her family on her social media...joked of her small height...landed on The Washington Post...she earns a decent salary... even at 37 years of age...mention her boyfriend in some of her tweets...single and dating herself...married to a loving husband...using the time to know herself more...

Karoun Demirjian Bio Reveals Married, Husband, Family Details

Quick Information

"Nothing worth comes easy."

Journalist Karoun Demirjian had to work in several organizations before reaching the height of her career. She embarked her career in the multimedia journey as a news writer in the National Public Radio. After working with six other companies, she finally landed on The Washington Post, currently based in Moscow, Russia. Working at The Washington Post alongside Dan Balz for five years now, Karoun has secured herself a prestigious place in the field of journalism.

Considering the journalist's determination and hard work, it can be assumed that she earns a decent salary. Even though the exact value is concealed, it is said that she earns an average salary of $60K.

Karoun Demirjian Bio, Family

Karoun Demirjian was born on 28 April 1981. Her bio reveals that she lived in Washington, D.C., before moving to Lexington, MA. Growing up in the Boston area, she loves music, shooting, and scribbling. Even though Karoun regularly talks about her family on her social media, she does not reveal much information about them.

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However, in one of her tweets, she mentioned that her mother led the high schoolers on annual Odysseys of Latin, music, and literature. She considers her parents to be her first teacher and undoubtedly respects both of them from her heart.

Karoun Demirjian wishes to be with her mother on the Home game on 19 September 2012 (Photo: Karoun Demirjian's Twitter)

A graduate from Harvard University, Karoun has A.B cum Laude in History. She also has a Masters degree in Law and Diplomacy and International Law - both from Tufts University. 

She is also a DJ and loves making music. Also known for her humor, Karoun once joked of her small height saying that she was shorter than most eighth graders, even at 37 years of age. Multi-lingual Karoun is fluent in Armenian, and English, conversational in Russian, German and Arabic, and studying Spanish.

Karoun Demirjian Married, Husband

Karoun Demirjian does not regularly talk about her love life on social media or in interviews. However, in 2012, she mentioned in one of her Twitter posts that she was single and dating herself. In the post, she made it clear that she was not in married to a loving husband.

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Karoun Demirjian says that she is dating herself on 7 September 2012 (Photo: Karoun Demirjian's Twitter)

Also, a fan of the classic 90's show, F.R.I.E.N.D.S., Karoun has not revealed any further information about her dating life. Because of very less data, it cannot be determined if she is still single or dating someone secretly. Because she never talks about her personal life, it seems that she is relishing her singlehood and using the time to know herself more. Nevertheless, if Karoun falls in love, there is no doubt that she will mention her boyfriend in some of her tweets in the future!