Jennifer McDermed Bio, Age, Married, Family,

Jennifer McDermed's bio reveals her age...celebrates her birthday every 8th the height of 5 feet and 5 inches...and weight of...chose to pursue her education...about getting married to a life...Fox 9 salary...often spotted wearing Chiefs or Royals gear...acquired father's intelligence...growing with her two siblings...

Jennifer McDermed Bio, Age, Married, Family,

Quick Information

Jennifer McDermed, when asked to draw about what she wanted to be when she grew up, the kindergartener drew a tornado with cows flying over it.

Meaning, she did not choose the career of the meteorologist, but it rather seems to have chosen her. Ever since her innocent age, she wanted to be a weather person, and so she did. 

Over the years, Jennifer has developed this inexplicable fascination over tornadoes. As she talks about tornadoes and her several storms chasing experiences, she makes it sound like something majestic.

Yes, Jennifer does admit to fearing the big, powerful tornadoes, but at the same time, she also confirms that she is not least afraid by them. 

Talking about her professional ground, Jennifer is currently affiliated to the weather-based Fox 9, as a meteorologist. 

Having worked for several other media outlets in the past, she has amassed quite a decent population following her career, who are forever curious about her life, especially the sum she gets paid as her salary. 

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Sadly, not much is unwrapped, thus far. However, it is a known fact that Jennifer earns more than the average salary of a meteorologist at Fox 9 that ranges from $76K. 

Jennifer McDermed's Bio: Family

Jennifer was born and raised in the most fortunate family, one could ask for. The youngest one in the family, grew up celebrating her birthday each year on the 8th of August.

She must have had the best time of her life growing with her two siblings, brother, Mark McDermed and a sister, Lauren McDermed. 

Surfing through Jennifer's availed life stories, it seems that the McDermed kids acquired their father, Kevin McDremed's intelligence. 

Jennifer McDermed brought together several memories with her father, Kevin McDremed, and siblings, Mark McDremed and Lauren McDermed on her father's birthday on 23 Nov 2014 (Photo: Jennifer McDermed's Twitter)

Jennifer's father and brother attended the same university, while she chose to pursue her education somewhere else.

Having developed an inexplicable passion for tornadoes and storms at an early age, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Meteorology from St. Louis University.

Besides her never-ending obsession over all kinds of weather, Jennifer is also into sports. Her envy-worthy physique speaks it all.

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The volleyball and basketball fan, who stands to the height of 5 feet and 5 inches (1.65 meters), and a good looking weight, is often spotted wearing Chiefs or Royals gear, while in her hometown.

However, she carries it all well, whatever the ensemble she chooses to present herself in.

Married To Husband?

Jennifer's life story is already exciting enough, without the mention of her love life.

Be that as it may, with the advancement of media and technology, people expect to know just about everything in regards to their favorite celebrities.

Same is the case with the star-meteorologist who every single day makes her presence in her audiences TV sets. 

Sadly, nothing significant is revealed to date. Not a fan of flaunting her private affairs over the limelight, Jennifer has not once hinted about her boyfriends.

Even her social media library suggests that she is yet to exchange her wedding vows as she gets married to her husband.