Jana Marie Duggar Married, Job, College, Net Worth

Jana Marie Duggar’s Wiki reveals her age...not just out to get married to...after years of battling the rumors about husband, Jana spoke...getting engaged...parents were holding her back from going college...looking for a job elsewhere...enjoy her family’s net worth reportedly valued at...being the “nanny” to the younger siblings...

Jana Marie Duggar Married, Job, College, Net Worth

Jana Marie is best recognized as the daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and the second eldest child of the extensive Duggar family, who was featured on the TLC show entitled- 19 Kids and Counting.

The reality TV show revolves around the everyday lives of the massive clan.

Over the course of time, the TLC audiences saw many of the spin-offs, and it was on 14 Children and Pregnant Again that Jana first appeared in.

Jana Marie Duggar’s Wiki: College, Job / Net Worth

Being the eldest of all Duggar siblings, Jana has been seen performing more of the house duties, being the “nanny” to the younger siblings.

For that reason, she has seen much of the scrutiny from fans as well. People obviously wondered if her parents were holding her back from college and higher studies.

Jana Marie Duggar enjoys her time with family at Grand Canyon National Park on 4 October 2019 (Photo: Jana Marie Duggar's Instagram)

Now that she 29, it been reportedly concluded that Jana has it in her mind that it’s a waste spending on college and looking for a job elsewhere.

That, she would someday be a full-time wife and mother. Nevertheless, in her own ways, she sure objected to all the made-up speculations about her life.

She said- “I'm not just out to get married to the first [suitor] that comes along.”

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After all, it is her life, and she might have thought something of it, the ways she would be paying her bills with, in the days to come.

And, while for the time being, she can definitely enjoy her family’s net worth reportedly valued at $3.5 million.

Married To Husband?

Time and again, there have been raised eyebrows about Jana’s love life, and if she is dating someone.

And, the trend being, every time a rumor appears, it immediately gets shut down by the family.

And, people being themselves, can not stop making up the stories because Jana’s younger sisters have been married for quite a while now.

Of many speculations, a few caused quite some buzz in the media.

There began these queries that Jana was indulged with her best friend, Laura DeMasie, and then came Lawson Bates, from yet another family in the U.S. with 19 children.

However, it was not long before her family came to her rescue and denied all of it.

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And, finally, after years of battling the dating tales, Jana decided on speaking out to her audience about her relationship status. She wrote on her Instagram-

I have ‘courted’ or ‘dated’ a few guys, but so far nothing has gone into a serious relationship. Just continuing to wait and pray for the right guy to come along.

She revealed that she was still on the hunt for “Mr. Right,” and when that happens, she would undoubtedly make a big announcement- be it about getting engaged or walking down the aisle.