Dawn Staley: Multiple Olympic Gold Medalist`s Married Or Lesbian?

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Dawn Staley: Multiple Olympic Gold Medalist`s Married Or Lesbian?

Quick Information

Dawn Staley is the Hall Of Fame listed basketball player and multiple gold medal-winning olympiad. In the 2004 Summer Olympics, she carried the United States Flag during the opening ceremony. She is the first-ever person in history to get honored with Naismith Award both as a player and coach. Staley is a living legend and an inspiration to sportswomen worldwide.

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Is Staley Married to a Husband Or Lesbian?

Staley has a bold and defying personality, which is why there were rumors of her being a lesbian. Previously, she got linked with the supporting coach Lisa Boyer and people started speculating them to be in a romantic relationship. She added fuel to this rumor fire by posting a tweet calling out Boyer and referring her as a life partner. 

                                                  (Photo: Dawn Staley`s Twitter)

The following tweet later got deleted, leaving fans in a dilemma. There is no further confirmation about Staley`s sexuality, and she is clever enough to keep her personal life out of the media`s reach. 

Net worth

The Olympaids` net worth is approx. 1 million dollars. Her long-reigning career as a player and coach has helped her garner most of her net worth.

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Career & Achievements 

Dawn has been serving as a coach since early 2000. She is an inspiring leader who has been pushing and motivating the students for nearly two decades.

Well, Dawn has also protected her name from controversies and scandals as well. For instance, in February 2018, she filed a lawsuit against athletic director Jim Sterk, who passed inappropriate comments to Dawn. But later on, the suit was settled with an agreement in May 2018.

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Dawn Staley has made tremendous achievements throughout her career; she was one of the early pioneers of women’s professional basketball, playing in the ABL for the Richmond Rage and later in the WNBA for the Sting and Comets.

She is currently serving as the head coach of the USA and South Caroline. Stanley made another history by becoming the first black coach in the women`s final four. She stated, “It has taken 39 years to get to this point, but next time might not be that far.”