C.J. Perry A.K.A Lana [WWE] Married, Divorce, Real Name, Net Worth

WWE Professional wrestler C.J. Perry...real name is Catherine Joy Perry...known as Lana inside the wrestling ring...getting a divorce with her husband Alexander Rusev...got married in...wedding details...her net worth in...sharing the bed with boyfriend Bobby Lashley...also an actress, model, singer, and dancer...asked for a restraining order...stands at the height of...

C.J. Perry A.K.A Lana [WWE] Married, Divorce, Real Name, Net Worth

Quick Information

Professional wrestler C.J. Perry, whose real name is Catherine Joy Perry and known as Lana inside the wrestling ring, is one of the most renowned women wrestlers in the world of wrestling entertainment. 

She has been signed to WWE since she started her wrestling career in 2013 with them after becoming part of the promotion’s developmental branch, ‘NXT.’ 

And when C.J. Perry is not wrestling, she works as a wrestling manager for Bulgarian wrestler Alexander Rusev whom she has helped to win three United States Championships and also twice teamed with him on Mixed Match Challenge.

C.J. Perry is Engaged To Bobby Lashley!

The rumors of C.J. Perry and Bobby Lashley being in a relationship started to make noises after C.J. Perry kissed Bobby on one of the episodes of Monday Night Raw. 

Following that event, on 8th October 2019, they shared a live bedroom video of themselves through WWE while C.J. Perry’s then-husband, Rusev, was in the ring with Randy Orton and King Corbin. In that video, C.J. Perry was sharing the bed with her now-boyfriend, Bobby Lashley, with her clothes stripped down.

The video confirmed that they were living together and would eventually get engaged sooner or later.

And, the wait is over! C.J. Perry is engaged to her boyfriend, Bobby Lashley.

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The auspicious moment happened in the wrestling court at the Wells Fargo Center in Des Moines, Iowa, on the 16th of December 2019 amongst the humongous audience as they witnessed C.J. Perry say "Yes!" numerous times. As Bobby went down on his knees, giving her a "will you marry me" speech, the crowd had gone crazy for a moment.

C.J Perry with her to-be husband Bobby Lashly on 2 January 2020 (Photo: C.J Perry's Instagram)

Adding up to the big news, their wedding was scheduled to air on the finale of 2019's WWE RAW which is to take place on the 30th of December at the XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut.


On the final RAW of 2019, WWE featured the special wedding ceremony of C.J. Perry and Bobby Lashly in their closing segment. Their wedding was processing very steadily, though no member of the RAW roster attended it.

And, as they proceed to share the auspicious wedding vows, C.J. Perry's first husband interrupted the ceremony. Nonetheless, the almighty Bobby Lashly cleared the things up and continued the holy ceremony. However, after some moment, Bobby's former wife appeared and cut in the wedding for a while—C.J. Perry stopped her in her way as she threw a bouquet to her face.

But, the interference continued as Liv Morgan, a WWE superstar, appeared and claimed that she and C.J. Perry were in a relationship, leaving Bobby and priest struck dumb. After that, C.J. Perry and Liv got engaged in a brawl until a WWE crew separated them.

But, this wasn't the end of a nightmare wedding for Bobby Lashly as C.J. Perry's ex-husband, Rusev popped out from the enormous wedding cake and started to beat up Bobby Lashly. Seeking the perfect chance, Liv also got her hands on C.J. Perry and struck her face on the cake. Later, the show went off-air leaving their wedding to an unexpected ending.

Despite that bummer experience of the wedding, C.J. Perry and Bobby Lashly are still together.

Divorce With Husband Alexander Rusev

The last week of WWE RAW, in early December 2019 saw her divorce go down with her husband Alexander Rusev.

Before this, the news of C.J. Perry and Alexender getting a divorce had been going around for a while.

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WWE has announced on 6th December 2019 that Monday’s (9th December 2019) show would feature the divorce of C.J. Perry and Alexander, and things would get finalize there. 

C.J. Perry and her husband Alexander Rusev divorce will feature on WWE on Monday, 9 December 2019 (Photo: Gettyimages)

Apparently, C.J. Perry had filed for a divorce with Alexander claiming that he was a sex addict, and she suffered because of that.

And while filing for a divorce, she had also asked for a restraining order so that her going-to-be ex-husband wouldn't trouble her. 

History With Alexander Rusev, Wedding

C.J. Perry and Alexander Rusev met for the first time around 2013 when they were newly signed by WWE. 

They trained for wrestling together along with hundreds other; however, they happened to form good companionship, which helped them to get closer. 

Slowly and gradually, they started feeling things for each other, started dating, and eventually got married in July 2006. 

Quick Facts About C.J. Perry

  • C.J. Perry’s salary was $200K in 2018 and in 2019, she signed a multi-dollar deal with WWE. 
  • Besides wrestling, she is also an actress, model, singer, and dancer, who has worked in films like Pitch Perfect, Interrogation and Soul. 
  • She grew up as a Christian missionary kid to American parents in the Soviet Union. 
  • She stands at the height of 5 feet 7 inches (1.7 meters).