Molly Brazy Wiki, Age, Real Name, Height, Real Hair, Tattoo

Molly Brazy's wiki reveals her real name and age...stands at the height of...has tattoo's all over her body that also included roses and a skull in her hands...celebrates her birthday every 22 February...lost her father at a tender age of...lives with her mother and brother...was daring back in...shared a kiss with boyfriend via...

Molly Brazy Wiki, Age, Real Name, Height, Real Hair, Tattoo

Quick Information

In the growing entertainment industry, music has taken a strong place. Speaking of music, rap has become a go-to genre for most of the young starters. Trying to achieve the same feat is 19-years-old Detroit rapper Molly Brazy.

Idolizing American-Trinidadian rapper Nicki Minaj, Molly has been continuously flaunting her love for rap from her young age. She has featured on the YouTube channel of the independent American magazine, 4sho. Apart from that, Brazy has released singles titled ‘More Facts’ and ‘Gang.’

Molly Brazy’s Wiki Details

Molly Brazy was born with the real name Molly Brazo in 1999 in Detroit, Michigan. She, who currently is 19 years of age, celebrates her birthday on 22 February every year.

Molly stands tall at the decent height of 5 feet and 2 inches (1.57 m) and possesses Afro-American ethnicity.

She resides in her hometown with the company of her mother and brother. Her father sadly left the world when she was at a tender age of nine. Since then, she spent her childhood playing alongside her caring brother.

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As of her YouTube interview with DJ Smallz Eyes 2 posted on 22 December 2016, Molly revealed that she got expelled from the school during her junior years for getting in a fight. After that, she continued her studies via online classes.

Besides, she also stated her plans of pursuing music as a career after finishing school.    

Molly’s Love For Tattoos!

Not just music, Molly also has a soft corner for the work behind the needle. She is a massive tattoo freak. Her social media posts unveil how much she likes to cover up her body with ink.

Back on 12 August 2018, Molly, through her Instagram, flaunted a beautiful tattoo inked on her left hand.

Molly Brazy flaunts her body tattoo on 8 August 2018 (Photo: Molly Brazy’s Instagram)

On 8 August 2018, her Instagram followers were able to spot her belly tattoo that added more charm to her personality.

Apart from the tattoos, Molly also loves to give different looks to her hair. Though her real hair is naturally black, she often changes the looks of it by dying her hair in orange, blue, blonde and red.

Sometimes, she can also be seen flaunting her dreadlocks.

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Is Molly Brazy Dating Someone?

No doubt the young sensation has snapped the sleep of many young boys with her charming personality and bold avatar.

Her professional charisma at the young age tempts most of the male fans to get their name tagged alongside Molly Brazy. But, glancing at her 2017 social media posts, it could be heartbreaking news for the optimistic fans.  

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Taking account to Molly’s tweet posted on 3 October 2017, she hinted that she shared the relationship bliss with someone. However, she didn’t reveal who he was!

Her post read,

My boyfriend thinks I’m so f****** funny but I be so serious  

More to that, Molly was spotted sharing a cozy moment with her ‘mystery’ beau on her Instagram account. More alluring than the picture was her caption claiming her boyfriend, 'Mine.' 

Molly Brazy shares a kiss with her mysterious boyfriend (Photo: Molly Brazy’s Instagram)

However, coming to 2018, Molly has removed all the posts from her social media accounts, which were related to her relationship status. So does that mean she broke up with her partner? 

Seems like we will have to wait until Molly herself hints on her dating status!

Molly’s Gun-Point Controversy!

Detroit rapper Molly Brazy drew the massive attention of the public in 2017; not for her music, but for her controversial stunt involving a handgun.

Molly was spotted aiming a handgun at a toddler’s head as the nearly minute-long video became viral on Facebook. Detroit rapper G’Mac Cash shared the clip.

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The incident took place when Brazy began talking with the little girl about candy. Subsequently, when the little one started to play with the candy, Molly immediately pointed the gun at her and urged her to stop doing so.

The Detroit police soon investigated the case. Later on, speaking on the matter, Molly revealed that she grew up in a gang and the weapon she possessed was real.