Angelle Sampey Husband, Children, Net Worth

Angelle Sampey, at the age of 38, married her husband under the agreement that she would...wasted years putting off having a family...passed on the opportunity to have children...figures to her net worth...standing to a height of...on 2019's NHRA of Angelle-Seth bayou home in New Orleans...attempt to show her daughter what one can do with life...

Angelle Sampey Husband, Children, Net Worth

Quick Information

Angelle Sampey is an American Pro Stock Motorcycle racer, who won the NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle championship three times regularly from the year of 2000 to 2002.

The Team Liberty Racing affiliated sportsperson commenced on this journey of hers in 1996.

From there, she has earned 45 top-qualifier awards and 42 event victories, which is thus far the most wins for any professional female in both NHRA competition and professional motorsports as a whole.

Angelle Sampey's Condition To Get Married To Her Husband

When Angelle was 38, having done so much of riding and winning, she decided to retire. In spite of being married and divorced, and that too twice, she had walked past the chance to have children.

Maybe at that point, she felt tired, her soul especially which recurringly dreamt about a baby girl for ten years. 

Later, after a year of leaving her racing career behind, she got a marriage proposal from a fellow Louisianan, named Seth Drago, in an unconventional way, we ordinary people would ever witness of. He came racing behind her and made the big proposition.

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Having longed for a baby all her adult life, she had been feeling this void for over ten years. And so, she married her now-husband under the agreement that she would get pregnant right away.

Accordingly, she got pregnant the weekend after their honeymoon and welcomed their baby girl, Ava Jane.

Reason Behind Her Profession Return

All was going well in the Angelle-Seth bayou home in New Orleans.

Angelle was enjoying the time of her life wondering why she had wasted the 20 years putting off having a family and most importantly, she always regretted not welcoming her bundle of joy, sooner.

Angelle Sampey with her daughter, Ava Jane, at Morrison, Colorado on 24 July 2019 (Photo: Angelle Sampey's Instagram)

Then out of nowhere, during the year of 2014, Angelle got called with an offer for her to ride again. Initially, she rejected the offer but then the thought of her daughter not getting to witness any of her “thing” hit her hard.

Henceforth, with an attempt to show her daughter what one could do with life, she went in for yet another trophies and yet another title. 

Family Background

It was Angelle’s father, David Sampey, who instilled in her the true value of hard work and dedications towards whatever that is to be done in life. More to her family remains under the radar as of now.

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Angelle, age 49, is an August-born who stands to a height of 5 feet and 1 inch (1.55 meters). She grew up enjoying the hobbies including the likes of mixed martial arts, caring for her pets, bow fishing, shooting at the gun range and playing golf. 

Having seen her surrounded by a great many career wins and success, almost all her life, it is evident that her fans and followers show this unceasing interest towards the figures laying in her net worth.

But, it is all speculation and baseless conclusion, until she talks officially on the matter by her own.

As of now, during a 2019's NHRA event, she mentioned about a new development in her life, which was nowhere to be found thus far. She is the mother of two little girls now, so she said. However, more to it is unheard of.