Travis Thompson Wiki, Age, Girlfriend, Parents

Travis, age 22, is an American by nationality...the ethnicity of...Instagrammed about the time when he was a unwraps his dating life and girlfriend...parents' on tour...standing to a height the time Travis blew candles to his ninth birthday...figures laying on his net worth...detected his calling for Hip-Hop early on...

Travis Thompson Wiki, Age, Girlfriend, Parents

Quick Information

To the local people of Abaum (a place within five minutes of reach of Seattle), Travis Thompson is just another 22-year-old chap who makes music and videos with his friends.

But then, he is also someone who has enormous influence among his admirers and music enthusiasts, mostly the people of his generation.

Standing to a height of 5 feet and 10 inches (1.8 meters), the young rapper first came to media and public notice, when he took part in the MoPop's Hip Hop residency program in Seattle.

His budding career then skyrocketed, for his singles like ‘Father Forgive Me,’ ‘Need You,’ and ‘Hold Me Down,’ became a massive hit for 2017.

Travis Thompson’s Wiki: Parents, Ethnicity

American rapper Travis, age 22, celebrates his birthday every 24th September and embraces white ethnicity from his parents and their family descendants.

A little bit of peeking into his social media, and there remains no doubt that Travis is grateful to have his family by his side at all times.

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He once Instagrammed about the time when he was a first-grader. He had told his teacher that he wanted to be in the NBA.

In response, the teacher, without any consideration, had told him “to be realistic.” 

His mother then not just came to his rescue but made his teacher apologize to his face and the whole class. 

Travis Thompson wishes his mother on occasion of Mother's Day on 14 May 2018 (Photo: Travis Thompson's Instagram)

Besides giving him so much of confidence, the incident assured him that he would forever have his mother’s back, no matter what.

Travis Thompson Girlfriend?

Time and again, Travis has been tweeting about relationships and how it feels to be in one.

However, they do not specifically mean his individual dating life; instead, they refer to “dating life” in general.

But then, there happens to be a gorgeous lady, with whom Travis celebrated his Valentine’s Day in the year of 2018.

Travis Thompson and his might-be girlfriend wish everyone a happiest Valentine's Day on 15 February 2018 (Photo: Travis Thompson's Instagram)

“The girl I used to ride the bus with”- wrote Travis. Meanwhile, that is all to know of “the girl."

Henceforth, the matter about his girlfriend stays an anonymous deal, without him spilling more beans on it.

His Net Worth

By the time Travis blew candles to his ninth birthday, he was already creating his raps. Having detected his whim for hip-hop so early only became a plus point in the long-run. 

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From recording his own music and directing projects, to going on tour with famous friend and mentor rapper, Macklemore, Travis is always a step ahead to achieving his long term goals. 

The incredible learning experience while touring became a milestone in his career. He got to build his stage confidence, which he lacked in several ways in the prior days. 

With his ever-getting bigger prominence now, people want to know of his finances and riches.

Sadly, the figures laying in his net worth stays entirely under the wraps.

But then some assumptions can be made as part of his income is from his YouTube channel, with a subscriber of 312K.