Richard Fairbrass Gay, Partner, Family, Net Worth

Richard Fairbrass shared the story that revolved around his coming out as gay...happily ever after with his partner of forever...spoke about getting married...flaunts a net worth sum valued unwraps his age...landed on an overnight success back in...diagnosed with HIV positive...lived with all of it all his...

Richard Fairbrass Gay, Partner, Family, Net Worth

Richard Fairbrass, age 66, and his brother, Fred, a.k.a. Christopher Abbott Bernard Fairbrass became a #1 in moreover 32 countries for their song, I'm Too Sexy.

Mesmerized by the unanticipated fame, Richard then went onto form his own band with Fred stumbling upon their new group, Right Said Fred.

The Fairbrass brothers performed fair shares of their musical talents in the global platforms and won two Ivor Novello Awards, which certainly helped a lot for the band's further establishment in the upcoming days.

Richard, before he performed as the lead vocalist of the band, played bass for several prominent names including, Mick Jagger, Boy George, and David Bowie.

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The man of many talents sure deserved the overnight success he landed on back in 1991. Today, he flaunts a net worth of $6 million.

Is Richard Fairbrass Gay?

Richard shared the story that revolved around his coming out as gay during an interview in June of 2017.

As he went candid on his life stories, he admitted that the whole process was a tricky one.

Suddenly projected in the limelight, he felt forced and responsible for coming open about his truth, him being gay. 

The very point in his life, his father had passed away, but his mother was still around and yet clueless about her son's reality.

Without thinking much of the consequence, Richard said it at last, and for a while, the news no doubt prompted the ire of some kind in the UK press.

It was a tough time even for his loved ones, especially his long haul partner, Stuart Pantry.

Married To Partner?

Sadly, Richard was not able to seal his happily ever after with his partner for life.

Twenty-eight years of togetherness is not a joke, and it sure must have been one heck of a romance, the one where they say "till death do us apart."

Richard Fairbrass with his partner Stuart Pantry (Photo:

Sad and special as it may sound, it was indeed the death that put a full stop to their story. 

Stuart was diagnosed with HIV positive in 1983, and thus, the couple lived through it during all of the 1980s.

And it wasn't long before Stuart was also battling cancer. Richard was beside his sweetheart at all times until Stuart took in final breath on a certain day in the year 2010.

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As he recalled the memories, Richard said-

I never feel like I’ve fitted in with being gay. Gay clubs and that gay label never really suited me. I was with my partner Stuart in 1982 and we were together for 28 years before he passed away. It didn’t feel gay or straight; it was what it was.

In the beginning, Richard thought that it would not be that big of a deal moving on and finding someone else after the incident, but later, he realized that Stuart was pledged to his memories forever.

Meanwhile, last reported, he decided on a new romance with a girl actually back after he bade farewell to his mom at the age of 92, amidst 2016-2017.

Before that, he spoke about the blind date experience he had with Peter Tatchell. But then there are no further details to support his recent affairs or dating status.