Who Is Kat Stacks? Wiki Includes Son, Net Worth & Essential Details!

Kat Stacks is a hip hop artist, rapper and a blogger...her Instagram has huge followers of…is currently at the age of 29...suffered troubled childhood and traumatized teenage...as per wiki, has a son named TJ...holds an American nationality...has Venezuelan origin...was arrested by police while she was two months pregnant…

Who Is Kat Stacks? Wiki Includes Son, Net Worth & Essential Details!

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Through the thorns, the roses bloom!

And so has the internet personality Kat Stacks; despite troubled childhood and traumatized teenage she has established herself as a celebrity. As per wiki, the 29-year-old Kat was born as Andrea Herrera on 2 November 1989 on Venezuela. Though she has Venezuelan origin, she holds American nationality.

Sadly, she was not lucky enough to know her father as he passed away when Kat was merely ten months old. Afterward, she and her mother migrated to the USA when Kat was eight years old. But, in the USA, she faced extreme poverty, due to which she was coerced into prostitution and made a victim of sexual abuse. 

Who Is Kat Stacks? (Net Worth)

Well, Kat is a popular name in the social media realm. She is a social media star, who has 1.4 K followers in twitter and 17.1K on Instagram that goes by the name 'blue_katstacks.' Also, she is a symbol for DREAMer - a group of undocumented immigrants, who came to America as children and are fighting for the right to stay. 

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But, before popularity, Kat underwent rough phases of life. She was compelled to be a prostitute and was sent to jail several times until she was granted permanent residence approval. Despite the hard times, she fought hard and left behind the life of a prostitute. Interestingly, she even shared her experience, struggles, and pain with her followers by publishing a book named, Admire Herera: Surviving Savagery To Saving Lives on 26 November 2013.

As of now, she is an American hip hop artist, a rapper and a blogger. But, still, controversies and scandals hover over her head due to her comments and exposure for other celebs. For instance, her name came into the limelight after she exposed Soulja Boy with cocaine in 2010 and later admitted that the drug scene was just a hoax. Moreover, she hit up an argument with Star Cavalli in 2018.

Apart from just scandals, Kat attunes a good fortune from her internet fame. Her net worth is on the periphery of $200K.

Kat Stacks Relationship, Son

Kat's love life also had hurdles as she faced a series of a troubled affair. One of her such relationships started at the tender age of fourteen when she dated her boyfriend, Prince. Kat’s relationship with Prince was far from being healthy as she used to be beaten up by Prince in a drunken state. But still, Kat remained with Prince for four years. Because of Prince's carelessness, their bond messed up badly and finally came to an end. 

But the break up was just an invitation for more problems as Kat was compelled to sleep with rappers of low profile. 

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Her life got more traumatized when police caught her with an expired visa as she was a temporary immigrant in the USA. Meanwhile, she was also two months pregnant. So, due to her pregnancy, the police let her go and deported her to Aventura, her family home in Venezuela. There, she gave birth to her son TJ on 26 November 2012. She later revealed that the baby father was a pimp with, whom she had an affair while working as a rapper.

Kat Stacks caress her son, T.J in 2014 (Photo: browardpalmbeach.com)

After that, her picture with Shannon Johnson, a promoter and owner of HNIC surfaced out in the media. The photo started the rumors that Shannon and Kat were dating. However, Kat never confirmed her relationship with Shannon.

As of now, she has kept the details of her love life and current boyfriend under the wraps. Probably, she is enjoying her life with her son.