Edwin Honoret Height, Full Name, Dating Status

Edwin Honoret stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches...is 20 years of age...celebrates his birthday on 12 February...with the full name...his family background and parents...multiracial guy as per his bio... Dominic ethnicity...has three siblings...also finds a girlfriend who stands by him...was previously dating the Instagram star...considers Simon Cowell as...

Edwin Honoret Height, Full Name, Dating Status

Quick Information

Sometimes it is your luck that sets your career path. However, it is you who is responsible for the destination you reach, with all the hurdles you overcome and the dedication you maintain.

Edwin Honoret is one of many young artists, who has made it to a successful musician in the industry. He is best known as a band member of the five-piece boy band, PRETTYMUCH.

Edwin was a cover artist on YouTube when he got noticed by Simon Cowell and got a call for an audition of his new band, PRETTYMUCH, in 2016. Edwin passed the audition alongside Zion Kuwonu, Bradon Arreaga, Nick Mara and Austin Porter, who were later considered his bandmates.

The band, PRETTYMUCH, which has released their debut single Would You Mind, considers Simon Cowell as their Godfather. And why not? Because Simon’s decision took them all to the sky of fame within no time. 

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Further, the band also performed their debut single as well as Charlie Puth’s “Attention” in the award functions and red carpets in 2017. Now, the band is all set for their 2019 FOMO summer tour that begins from 11 July. 

Hopefully, with the tour, Edwin, along with other band members will reach even greater heights of popularity in the upcoming days.

Edwin Honoret Dating Girlfriend?

Edwin was previously dating the Instagram star, Tiffany Bondoc. Edwin and Tiffany were in a relationship for a short while prior to their break-up before the end of 2018.

During their days together, Edwin and Tiffany seemed totally into each other. They never feared to express their love in the public platform and considerably, their social media posts with each other were the best proofs to it.

Edwin Honoret's last public picture with his ex-girlfriend Tiffany Bondoc (Photo: Tiffany Bondoc's Instagram)

As of now, Edwin is leading a single life. He is giving much time to music and is busy in setting a better career for himself.

Hopefully, in the process, he also finds a girlfriend who stands by him in all the highs and lows of his career.

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Moreover, Edwin’s fans, who have always been supportive of his relationships, are eagerly waiting for the young singer to introduce them to his new love partner.

Bio: Age, Height

Born with the full name, Edwin Joel Honoret, the young talented artist, Edwin Honoret, is 20 years of age in the time being. The Bronx, New York-born Pop singer, celebrates his birthday on 12 February every year.

Edwin, who stands at the height of 5 feet 8 inches (1.76 meters), has not unveiled much about his family background and parents.

However, what is known is, Edwin has three siblings, an elder sister, and two younger brothers.

Further, despite the limited information on his family background, Edwin is supposed to be a multiracial guy with his ethnicity, rooting back to the Dominican Republic.