Carrie Brownstein Married, Partner, Gay

Carrie Brownstein publicized the fact about her sexuality...has been dating some of the gorgeous women...grand gesture to come out as gay...with her lesbian girlfriend...of her probable not married yet...with her parents and sister...44 years of age...average height of 5 feet 5 worth is estimated to be...a beautiful face and resonant voice...

Carrie Brownstein Married, Partner, Gay

Quick Information

Singer and actress Carrie Brownstein is much more than a beautiful face and resonant voice. As an author she wrote the book, Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl and as a comedian, she co-developed the sketch comedy show, Portlandia. 

If that wasn't enough, Carrie is also a member of popular rock-band, Sleater-Kinney and Excuse 17. She has acted in movies like The Oath, Carol, and TAG.

Having multiple careers as a model, actress, and comedian, Carrie Brownstein undoubtedly earns a hefty amount of salary. Even though the exact figure of her salary is unknown, her net worth is estimated to be $3 million.

Carrie Brownstein Married To Partner?

Carrie Brownstein has publicized the fact about her sexuality and that she is a bisexual, who is dating some of the gorgeous women in the industry.

In 2012, she was associated with St. Vincent, whose real name is Annie Erin Clark, a well-known American musician, singer-songwriter and record producer. Both Carrie and St. Vincent did not reveal much about their relationship or its demise.

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In 2017, when St. Vincent released a new song entitled “New York,” many people speculated that the ballad could be dedicated to Carrie Brownstein. However, nothing can be assumed as neither Carrie nor St. Vincent has talked about it.

Later in 2015, there were rumors of Carrie dating Taylor Schilling, an actress known for her role in Netflix's Orange Is The New Black. Neither Carrie nor Taylor addressed the stories, so it cannot be determined if they actually dated or not. 

Carrie was also romantically associated with comedian Abbie Jacobson. In October 2016, Abbie posted a picture of her probable partner Carrie on her social media with a caption "canoodling."

Even though Carrie has not talked about the relationship publicly, her Instagram posts reveal a lot about the relationship. The couple spends a lot of time together and regularly like each others' feed.

Carrie Brownstein enjoys quality time with Abbie Jacobson (Photo:

Carrie does not like to talk much about her love life. She is very thankful for the company of her supportive friends who helped her come out and be comfortable with whom she is.

As a proud bisexual, Carrie believes that she has had a great love life as she has met many of the wonderful women and shared love with them. She believes that there is no need to make a grand gesture to come out as gay if one is comfortable with oneself.

For now, Carrie is not married, but her fans expect to know more about her girlfriend. It is likely that she will reveal more about her relationship with her lesbian girlfriend, Abbie Jacobson in the future.

Carrie Brownstein Age, Gay Father

Carrie Rachel Brownstein was born on 27 September 1974 in Seattle, WA.

Even though her childhood wasn't easy, she shared a very close bond with her parents and sister. Carrie's mother suffered from chronic anorexia when Carrie was just 14 years old, and Carrie witnessed her mother slowly being taken away.

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The entire incident was traumatic for a little middle school girl; Carrie still remembers the good old days when everything was fine in the family. Her mother finally lost the battle to anorexia in 1989, after a year of fighting.

Throwback picture of Carrie Brownstein (left) with her parents and sister (Photo:

After her mother's demise, her father raised her alongside her sister in Washington State. Carrie shares a very close bond with her father, who came out as gay to her in 1988. She talked about her father's story of coming out in her autobiography, which is exceptionally sad. 

When her father finally decided to come out after living more than three decades in a facade, all that Carrie's grandmother said was: 

You waited for your father to die, why couldn’t you have waited for me to die?

Carrie has understood the pain that his father had to undergo because of the family pressure. This incident made her realize how important it was to be oneself, so she embraced her sexuality like a boss! 

At 44 years of age, Carrie stands at an average height of 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 meters).