Everything About Former TMZ Host Van Lathan's Personal Life And Net Worth

Everything About Former TMZ Host Van Lathan's Personal Life And Net Worth

Former TMZ Host Van Lathan's interesting details about his fiancee came to light back in 2018, when he appeared as a guest in The Breakfast Club.

After the podcast came out, it became the talk of the town as people were always curious about the 41-year-old's relationship.

Who Is Van Lathan's Fiancee?

"My wife was there, his fiancee was there," says The Breakfast Club host Charlamagne when asked if Van and Charlamagne were alone during their vacation in 2017. 

Charlamagne shared that they went on a vacation to Anguilla with their partners, so, in a way, Charlamagne's statement proves that Van did have a fiancee back then.  

Van Lathan's Podcast On The Breakfast Club 

Since he has not talked about his fiancee or girlfriend, it generally leaves us with no leads to his current relationship status. 

However, now we know that the famous personality was with somebody special.

Van Lathan's Wife & Kids

A sub-reddit held AMA (Ask Me Anything) with Rachel Lindsay and Van Lathan. One Redditor asked Van about whether he would let his kids go on the famous American dating and relationship reality television series, The Bachelor, to which Van replied, "Of Course,..."

He believes in the narrative of 'supporting' rather than 'letting,' so it is quite clear that there would be no restrictions if his child wants to do something.  

A Redditor Asking Van About His Kids

An Extract From Reddit Where A Redditor Asking Van About His Kids (Source: r/TheBachelor)

As of now, Van does not seem to have a wife and certainly no children. Even though Van is vocal with his thoughts and opinions, he is very silent and secretive when it comes to talking about his relationship.

Besides the memes or funny stuff he posts in his Instagram profile, the ex-TMZ journalist surely lives a very lavish and wealthy lifestyle. 

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Van Lathan's Net Worth

Van's primary source of income is from his professional career. In addition, he co-hosts the Higher Learning podcast with Rachel Lindsay, where they talk about various topics and issues. 

The genuine net worth is not disclosed in the public or media. However, he must have accumulated a decent amount of net worth working for TMZ for almost a decade. 

 Looking at his career, Van has an estimated net worth of over $1.4 million. But, it was not easy for him as he had to struggle to get the food on the table during the early years of his career. 

Van Lathan's Early Years

Lathan began his career as a Hollywood tour guide for a TMZ bus, where he stood out for giving passengers spicy details about celebrities in the hottest spots in Los Angeles.

In addition, Van was also a content creator and host of "The Red Pill" podcast, where he discussed a variety of topics ranging from politics and sports to pop culture and hip-hop. 

Van Lathan In TMZ

Van Lathan When He Was With TMZ (Source: The Celeb Closet)

He picked up a good reputation when he stood up against rapper Ye (formerly known as Kanye West) after Ye expressed that slavery was a choice during a live taping of the TMZ Live show.

Van has built a reputation of never backing down from anyone who disrespects him. So after being suddenly terminated from TMZ, Lathan declared joining Will Packer's new entertainment news show, Central Ave.

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Short Bio Of Van Lathan

Van was born on 16 April 1980, in Baton Rouge, Loisiana. He is the younger brother of Ebony Range Lathan and son of Terry and Christal Ellis.

In terms of his schooling, he graduated in 2003, but it is unclear where and what he studied. 

At the age of 41, Van is still very active on social sites, mainly Instagram and Twitter. He has 473k followers on Instagram and 154.8k on Twitter. 

He is currently residing in Los Angeles.