A Look Into Samuel Monroe Jr. Net Worth & Personal Life

Samuel Jackson Jr. is an American actor who has played several good movies, but just like any other celebrity, he likes to keep his personal life on the down-low as well.

A Look Into Samuel Monroe Jr. Net Worth & Personal Life

Samuel Monroe Jr. is one of the brilliant black actors from the early 90s who has portrayed impressive characters of daily struggles and the happenings of black neighborhoods. 

Unlike his characters portrayed in the movies, Samuel's personal life is not as public and intriguing. Even though the roles he portrayed were negative, the movies he was cast on paid him positively. Thanks to several movies, he amassed a handsome and profitable earning figure. 

Samuel Monroe's Net Worth 

Samuel Monroe's most of the income comes directly from the movies or the shows he has appeared on.

His career took after he worked on the series Out All Night, a sitcom television series that aired on NBC from 1992 to 1993.

He then went on to display his remarkable talents further on. Samuel is best known for his movies like Menace II Society, Tales from the Hood, Set It Off, and The Players Club.

The characters he played in his movies define his career as "The Hood's Menace.

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Samuel Monroe Jr and Ice Cube Together

Samuel Monroe Jr. and Ice Cube Together (Source: Instagram)

He transitioned from televisions to the big screens when he appeared on the $30 Million box office hit club "II Society" as Ilena's Cousin. The movie is used as an example of what people in certain parts of the USA have to deal with constantly.

The role of Menace II Society is continued in Don't Be a Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Hood Juice, where Monroe pretty much plays the same character as his role of Ilena's Cousin.

He has also shared the screen with the actor and rapper Ice Cube in the movie The Player's Club, where he plays Junior, and Ice Cube plays Clyde.

Looking at Monroe Jr.'s portrayals on-screen, it can be estimated that he relishes his life comfortably with a net worth of over $3 million. 

Apart from his acting career, Monroe runs Baboon Goonz Enterprise LLC, an Entertainment, Music, and Film Production company.

Although the actor never appeared on the screen with a positive character, his own personal character is definitely far different than the character he plays.

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Samuel Monroe Jr.'s Personal Life 

Monroe Jr. was born on November 28, 1973, in Los Angeles. He is married to Shawna Stewart, who is a Co-Founder of Baboon Goonz Enterprise LLC. However, the exact date of their wedding is not a piece of public knowledge.

According to Samuel's social media, he and his wife, Shawna, share a family of four, along with his two children, Brooklyn and Kingston. 

A Picture of Samuel Monroe Jr. & Shawna Stewart

A Picture of Samuel Monroe Jr. & Shawna Stewart (Source: Instagram)

Apart from a few posts here and there, Samuel does not talk about his family on social media or interviews. He perhaps likes to keep his personal life on the down-low and away from the media's attention. 

Monroe's most recent appearance was as Kill Bill in Nick Cannon's movie She Ball.