The Academy Award And Golden Globe Winner George Chakiris Is Gay?

The Academy Award And Golden Globe Winner George Chakiris Is Gay?

Enlisted in IMDb's "500 Gay Actors & Personalities", one of the Hollywood elite actor George Chakiris has been questioned about being gay now and then.

His professional career has been nothing but marvelous, but it often gets overshadowed by his sexual orientation. A little sneak peek into his personal life shall uncover the truth.

Does Chakiris Have A Wife Or A Gay Partner?

George's fans have always wondered whether he is married to a woman or a man. Nevertheless, ever since his acting career took a headstart, his fans have adored his flamboyant personality.

The Academy Award winner has always ruled his viewers' hearts from his elegant dance maneuvers or high-pitched delivery on the mic. However, George always seems to add a little bit of his sassiness to everything he does.

The veteran actor has never confirmed his sexuality, but many Hollywood actors and actresses believe that George is gay - IMDb's gay actor's list played a pivotal role in that narrative.

Not only that, many people on the internet have claimed to have seen George with multiple male partners while being too close with them at clubs and bars in Los Angeles. 

One of George's sad fans took it to Twitter to explain her sadness when she found out that her long-time crush George is gay.

One of George Chakiris Fans Tweet

One of George Chakiris Fans Express Her Sadness (Source: Twitter)

Even though there are minimal sources from where we can confirm his sexuality, fans are still waiting for George to fully confirm his sexual orientation along with his relationship status.

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Who Is George Chakiris Dating Now? 

Similar to his sexual orientation, West Side Story actor has kept his relationship status on the down-low.

George has been reported to be single, and he has not been married, neither has he ever been known to be in a relationship with anyone.

George Chakiris And Rita Moreno

George And Rita Moreno In An Interview (Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

Even at the age of 87, the actor is still single, or at least that is known to the public. Nevertheless, George has successfully managed to keep his personal life away from his professional life and cameras of the media. 

It can be possible that he might be married, but we won't know unless George finally comes out to confirm it. What we do know is that the veteran actor surely enjoys a lavish as well as modest lifestyle. 

George Chakiris's Net Worth

During George's acting days, his primary source of income came from being a dancer, singer, and actor. 

But now that he has retired, he still earns a massive sum of money from his previous roles. At the height of his career, his income per movie can be estimated up to $100,000. 

Likewise, George's net worth can be estimated to be around $24 million. 

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What Is George Chakiris Doing Now?

In a recent interview with Fox News, George recalled working with Marilyn Monroe and Natalie Wood and promoting his new memoir titled 'My West Side Story.'

In the interview, George mentioned that he is currently living a happy and retired life in Los Angeles. 

Amidst his retirement, his hobby of making sterling silver jewelry has turned into a new occupation. He has designed jewelry for his jewelry designer brand, George Chakiris Collections, consisting of original handmade silver jewelry.

More On Chakiris And His Family 

George was born on 16 September 1934 in Norwood, Ohio, the USA, to Steven Chakiris and Zoe Anastasiadou. His father was an insurance agent, whereas his mother was a housewife. 

He was raised as an only child in the family. His parents immigrated from Greece before George was born.

George studied at the American School of Dance as he was heavily influenced by dancing during the early days of his childhood. 

He won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role as Bernardo in the 1996 movie West Side Story. He also won the Golden Globe award for the same role.

George Chakiris Winning Academy Award For The Best Supporting Actor (YouTube)

He has starred in various TV shows and clenched audiences' hearts between the late '60s and '70s.