Roger E. Mosley's Retired Life with Wife and Daughter

Roger E. Mosley's Retired Life with Wife and Daughter

The celebrated actor Roger E. Mosley, best known as Theodore in Magnum P.I., has peaked to the height of his career, garnering a hefty net worth. But at the same time, he also relishes a happy married life with his wife of several decades. 

Roger And His Wife: Growing Old Together

The Magnum P.I. actor and his wife, Toni Laudermick, have been married since 1976. 

Though Roger has not shed much light on the early years of his relationship with Toni, the long-time married couple frequently appears on social media, showcasing their precious family moments.

Roger E. Mosley and his wife from their earlier years

Roger E. Mosley and his wife from their earlier years (Source: Facebook)

Reminiscing their time together from earlier years, Toni took to her social media handle to share a picture with her husband from their younger days. The two looked perfect at each other's company while enjoying a beautiful sunset by the ocean. 

However, there has been confusion among Roger's fans about if he was married to Toni. But Toni's relationship status on Facebook as 'married' is sure to clear out the confusion. 

As for Toni's profession, she worked as an art and entertainment columnist for an online newspaper. Besides writing, currently, she is into her newfound passion for photography, as she mentioned in one of her recent Facebook posts. 

Roger posing with his wife and daughter

Roger posing with his wife and daughter (Source: Facebook)

During their four years of marriage, the pair have welcomed a beautiful daughter, Ch-a Mosley, who is a chief operating officer at Work Up! Energy Shot. Moreover, based on her Facebook presence, she does not seem to be married. 

However, for Roger, his marriage with Toni is not the first one. He had already been married once a few years before he moved on with Toni.   

The actor had previously shared the vows with Sandra Locke in 1960. The two divorced shortly after. But as Roger has not been vocal about his previous relationship, the information regarding their separation remains concealed. 

Sandra does not belong to the entertainment industry as Roger, which has helped her remain low-key after cutting ties with the Hollywood actor.

However, there is one thing that ties the ex-pairs together. Their children!

The ex-couple were blessed with two children, whom they co-parent even after their separation. 

What Is Roger E. Mosley Doing Now?

Dedicating decades of his life to acting, Roger, age 82, had taken a break for a while to spend some time with his family.  

Roger, who had taken a halt from acting in 2010, appeared in a cameo role in the American crime drama Magnum P.I. in 2018.

But the actor has officially made his return, continuing his role as the helicopter pilot in Magnum P.I., alongside the star casts Perdita Weeks, Zachary Knighton, Tim Kang, and more. 

What Is His Net Worth?

Though the actor is mainly known for Magnum P.I., his active involvement in Hollywood dates back to 1972, when he debuted on Terminal Island. 

Since then, he has been in several notable works, including Hit Man, The Greatest, A Little Thin Line Between Love & Hate, and many more.  

According to a source, given his years of a successful career in Hollywood, the actor has amassed an impressive net worth of 3 million dollars.