Grant Cardone Shares His Lessons From His First Failed Marriage

Grant Cardone Shares His Lessons From His First Failed Marriage

The business tycoon Grant Cardone, one of the world's wealthiest and well-known real estate investors, shares the story of his divorce from his first wife and what he learned from it. 

Cardone’s Lesson From Failed First Marriage

While sharing his story through Medium, Cardone talked about his secret to a happy and lasting marriage. 

The businessman had his first wife when he was 35, but the marriage ended shortly after a year. 

As he described, the divorce was the result of the couple’s unparallel goals in life. Cardone put it this way, 

"She was happy with $1,000,000. I did the math — and I wasn’t happy to settle. Staying in that marriage would have been suicide for me on a multitude of levels — especially financially. I’m just not a two-kid-two-dog — day-job-white-picket-fence kind of guy." 

Upon learning plenty of lessons from his failed first marriage, Cardone advises people to confront their partners and discuss the problem that is drowning their relationship. 

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Cardone’s Fulfilling Family Life

Although his first relationship did not turn out the way he wanted, Cardone found his perfect fit after meeting his wife, Elena Cardone. 

However, it initially took 13 months of patience and 26 phone calls to finally convince Elena how serious he was about her. 

But his persistency did not fail him, and now the pair rejoices 17 years of marriage blessed with two daughters, Sabrina, 12, and Scarlett, 9.    

Moreover, the whole family is headed for the same success goal as Cardone, even his kids. 

His daughters, at such a young age, are already built into success. They accompany their father in seminars and conferences and often give public speeches on various topics, inspiring people. 

From An Addict To Becoming A Billionaire

If you are looking for some source of inspiration to excel in your life, Cardone’s success story could be that inspiration. 

Cardone did not come from a wealthy family, nor did he have everything figured out from the start. Rather he had a difficult beginning. 

He lost his father while he was little, and his mother had to take the responsibility of raising seven kids on her own.   

The family was faced with yet another loss. After several years of Cardone’s father’s death, Cardone lost his older brother, Curtis, when things finally came back to normal for the family.

That’s when Cardone began using substances, falling into the trap of addiction when he was around 16. But, after nine years of constant struggle with addiction, he decided to come out of the rut.  

It was his mother’s tough love that made him turn his back to addiction. Finally, wanting to change, he went to a treatment center and was fully committed to recovering. Luckily he got out of the addiction and began taking his life under control. 

Cardone, who has now reached the height of the business world, is the CEO of Cardone Capital and Cardone Enterprises, an entrepreneur, speaker, and authored The 10X Rule. Besides, he is also a creator of several best-selling business programs. 

Grant Cardone’s Net Worth

The globally known business mogul’s lavish lifestyle might be enough to hint at his hefty net worth. However, to present an exact figure, the entrepreneur has a portfolio of 2.2 billion dollars. 

His rigorous achievements have led him to own countless real estate, and his passion for a luxurious life is evident on his social handles. 

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He doesn’t shy away from flexing his cars and private jets time and again through his socials. Some call him a little flashy, while some take his flex as an inspiration to excel. 

However, his massive net worth figure has often raised questions on his work leading him to face lawsuits throughout his career.  

Lawsuit Against Cardone 

In 2020, Cardone faced an allegation claiming he misled his investors. In addition, his firm Cardone Capital was filed with a lawsuit in federal court in LA, accusing the firm of violation of federal securities. 

The lawsuit claimed the firm made misleading statements and used some public investments to buy other properties.  

The allegation was based on his Instagram post of September 17, 2019, where he said that 220 thousand dollars investment could amount to 660 thousand dollars. 

However, the allegation did not hold strong evidence of any fraud from Cardone's side, so he won the federal lawsuit and is moving on with his business uninterrupted.