What Is Donut Operator's Relationship Status? Did He Break Up With His Girlfriend?

Fans are busy speculating Donut Operator's current relationship status.

What Is Donut Operator's Relationship Status? Did He Break Up With His Girlfriend?

YouTuber Cody Garrett, a.k.a. Donut Operator, has fans wondering if he is still with his girlfriend. And the curious fans are storming the Reddit pages with speculations of his breakup.

Is Donut Operator Still In A Relationship? 

True fans are quick to notice every bit of detail of their favorite celebrity. As Cody and his girlfriend, Kaley, are both famous YouTubers, they also have some enthusiastic fans who take note of their activities online. 

Since they began dating, they frequently appeared on one another’s socials, and their relationship was pretty well-known to their followers. 

 Kaley, a.k.a. Wine operator, with Cody, a.k.a. Donut operator, on her graduation ceremony.

Kaley, a.k.a. Wine operator, with Cody, a.k.a. Donut operator, on her graduation ceremony (Source: Instagram)

However, it has been a while since they were seen together on their videos or social media posts. Also, neither of the two is seen talking about each other. 

Fans began speculating they might have separated, trying to find a fitting answer to the couple’s increased distance. 

Although the fans have been bombarding Reddit with several discussion threads regarding the couple’s breakup rumor, Cody and Kaley haven’t addressed the rumors yet. 

But their silence is only adding fuel to the speculation. Moreover, Kaley recently uploaded a video on her YouTube channel titled ‘I’m Moving,’ and mentioned that she was moving to Virginia soon but did not mention anything about Cody. 

All the details only point towards their separation. However, besides all the rumors, it remains for the pair to clear the air. 

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How Did Cody and Kaley Meet?

Well, their relationship dates back to around 2018. As Kaley said in one of her Q&A videos on YouTube, she met Cody on the dating app Tinder.  

Caption- Kaley addresses how she met Cody on her YouTube channel 

After few chats, Cody invited Kaley to a small gathering with his friends, which was the first time they met in person. They clicked instantly and soon began dating. 

But, besides Cody, Kaley also instantly bonded with Cody’s son.

Who Is Cody's Son?

Cody has a son named John, who is now 12-years-old.  

In Kaley's Q&A video, she expresses how John is very sweet and polite and further praises Cody for doing the best job raising his son right. 

Cody, a.k.a. Donut Operator with his son, John.

Cody, a.k.a. Donut Operator with his son, John (Source: Instagram)

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Although Cody frequently posts about his son on social media and YouTube videos, he has never mentioned his mother anywhere. Some of his followers even thought that Kaley was his birth mother. 

But, Kaley once cleared the air, writing on her Twitter post that she was not Cody’s wife and was not John’s biological mom. But, she also wrote she loved the kid as her own. 

To this date, Cody has kept the detail of John’s mother under shadows, and nothing of his divorce or breakup from his past relationship has ever surfaced. However, he has been an amazing parent to his kid, which is evident through the father-son online appearances.