Darren Fleet Talks About Brother's Relationship On Live? Has New Tours Coming?

The comedian Darren Fleet debunks his brother's past relationship on his Instagram live video.

Darren Fleet Talks About Brother's Relationship On Live? Has New Tours Coming?

Comedian Darren Fleet uploaded an Instagram video in 2020, where he sat down with his brother Quan and his brother's ex-girlfriend to talk about what actually went wrong in their relationship. 

The Heated Up Discussion On Instagram Live

The comedian, along with his brother Quan a.k.a. 'Fly,' started off the video with a casual conversation. 

A few minutes later, another one of Fleet's brothers joined the Live and soon left after chatting up a bit. Then, within sixteen minutes into the video, Quan's ex-partner Shamar hoped in, and the real discussion began.  

In the half-hour-long video, the couple was seen bickering about their past, and Fleet also shared his opinion on the matter. But the discussion did not conclude on good terms, and eventually, Fleet ended the Instagram live. 

After sharing the video, the brothers did not talk about the incident ever again. 

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Is Darren Fleet In A Relationship? 

Although Fleet threw light on his brother's relationship through his social media, the comedian is secretive about his own love life. 

For instance, in a 2018 YouTube video, Fleet is seen jokingly talking about dating a girlfriend. He tells a story about a situation with his girlfriend that happened in the past. But, to this date, the comedian has never publicly introduced his girlfriend or partner. 

Likewise, once he took to his Twitter account to upload a video where he first mentioned having a daughter and surprisingly pointed his camera to a doll figure of a baby girl. 

Besides his confusing and funny posts, Fleet has never introduced anyone as his partner yet, leading people to question his sexuality. 

Is Darren Fleet Gay?

Although the comedian hasn't directly confirmed his sexuality as gay, some of his social media posts might have confused his fans into thinking he might be gay. 

In one of his Twitter posts, he uploaded a video titled 'DEAR STRAIGHT PEOPLE' where he extensively makes humorously satirical remarks to straight people on behalf of the gay community.

Likewise, he has a few more videos where he mentions 'gay' in general but never confirmed being gay himself. So his sexuality still remains concealed.

Besides his personal life, the comedian is very engaged on sharing his career highlights with his fans. 

Fleet’s Career in Comedy

The comedian Darren Fleet is most known for his short comedy videos on Twitter and Instagram. However, his impressive style of relating to his listeners through his comedy has gathered him 807 thousand followers on Instagram and 32.5 thousand followers on Twitter as of 2021. 

Nonetheless, his prominence is not just limited to social media. Fleet is a well-known standup comedian who tours throughout the nation, performing on several stages. 

Hitting larger limelight, Fleet was a part of the comedy tour named Gay AF back in 2018, where he shared the stage with comedians Matt English and Julie Osborn. 

Darren Fleet updating about his upcoming podcast through Instagram

Darren Fleet updating about his upcoming podcast through Instagram (Source: Instagram)

Recently, he has been busy with his shows in Brooklyn. With full house audiences, his tickets were all sold out for the 2021 July show. Following the event, another show was held on August 1, with jam-packed audiences.

He still has more of his shows scheduled ahead, about which he keeps his followers updated through social media.

Besides comedy, Fleet is an entrepreneur and a brand ambassador. According to his Instagram bio, he is the creator of What Behooves Me Ent

As comedy is the major part of his career, a greater chunk of his net worth comes from his comedy tours and shows across the country. And, his other ventures certainly assist on adding to his wealth.

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