Adley Stump Flaunts Her Dreamy Engagement Through Instagram

After revealing her stunning surprise proposal through her Instagram, Adley Stump is out with another intriguing wedding announcement that is sure to put you in awe.

Adley Stump Flaunts Her Dreamy Engagement Through Instagram

The swoon-worthy engagement post by the country singer Adley Stump on her Instagram is sure to melt your heart. The singer couldn't help but pour out her heart, praising her soon-to-be husband on her announcement post.  

Adley's Engagement Post

"OH. MY. GOSH. I get to MARRY Blake Matthew Kinsman?" the country singer shared her excitement on her 'gram on November 13, 2019. Through the post, she shared the big news of her surprise proposal, which took place in One Hope Winery in California.

Her romantic fiancé, Blake, planned it all out, and the execution of the surprise proposal couldn't have been more perfect. As per Adley's pictures on her 'gram, the mesmerizing proposal venue was all decorated elegantly.

A trail of rose petals on the green grassy floor led to the spot where her fiancé got down on his knees and popped out the engagement ring. 

The distant hills surrounding the winery and the serene yellow-sunset sky complemented the special day perfectly. 


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Praising the love of her life, Adley wrote, 

"It just doesn’t feel real guys... Since the day we got together I never felt like I deserved him. He is that good. He is that strong and that wonderful. He is that person that makes me want to level up every day... He is the best man I know."

Further, she mentioned on her post that Blake also invited her parents to witness the special day. And on top of that, he planned the day on her father's birthday. 

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Moreover, the proposal was captured on video from three angles and a drone shot. The proposal surely tops the list of the best proposals ever. 

Adley flaunted her big sparkly engagement ring on her post and let the whole world know how happy she is to have him in her life. Besides, her fiancé also took to his social media to share the special moment and praised her wholeheartedly.

He wrote,

"You've quite literally made me the luckiest man alive. Not a day goes by without me recognizing that I've been blessed with more than I deserve!"

Are They Planning To Get Married?

On June 19, 2021, the What If I Stay singer took to her YouTube channel, The Adley Show, to make another major announcement. 

She is letting the internet plan her wedding! 

Yes, in fact, she is. On the video, she mentioned that the pair would get married in the next 30 days, but all the planning would be done by strangers on a private Instagram account. In the meantime, the couple would be oblivious of the wedding plan. 

Reciting her description she had prepared for her unique show, Internet Takeover: Wedding Edition, she said, 

"In the midst of the highly commercialized wedding era, one bride-to-be decides to show up on her wedding day having not planned a single detail. To her, as long as he is there, the details don't matter. The location, the dress, and even the date have all been picked by the comedic band of her friends who know her best, along with the Internet weighing in on every detail along the way."

Further, into the video, she describes the details of her social experimental show, and she is extremely excited for it to happen. Now it remains for us to see what the surprise holds for her wedding.

Caption- Adley Stump explaining her wedding plans 

A Short Bio 

Adley, who is probably at the age of 33, is a multi-hyphenate internet sensation. She is a country singer, songwriter, comedic content creator, and Grammy awarded entertainer. 

Having joined YouTube in 2010, she has amassed over 60 thousand subscribers as of 2021, with over 25 million views on her videos.

And overall, from Facebook, Snapchat, and other online platforms, her content produces over 200 million views per week.  

Currently, the internet sensation has her fans waiting for her most anticipated Internet-Wedding show, Internet Takeover: Wedding Edition, which is set to air on September 28, 2021.

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