Zoey Klein Age, Parents, Ethnicity, Now

Zoey Klein is the youngest member...stars in the TLC’s The Little Couple...bio reveals her age as of now...celebrates her birthday every 22nd September...life has definitely changed a lot for the dad and mom since the baby’s adoption...parents and ethnicity...heightened attention...already as of the year 2019...facts about early life...frightened girl to...positive transformation...

Zoey Klein Age, Parents, Ethnicity, Now

Quick Information

Zoey Klein is the youngest member of the TV reality family who stars in the TLC’s The Little Couple.

The show which premiered in 2009, stars Bill Klein, Jennifer Arnold, and their beautiful adopted babies from two different corners of the world.

The TV venture that documents all the hardships and goodies as they lead their life like any average couple, is an undeniable smash hit. 

Meanwhile, today, after the makers documented their first season, as the couple moved to Houston, Texas, and built their house, all the while attempting to have children, the show is yet again renewed for its fourteenth season.

And, with the prospect of the arrival of the new episodes, the tabloids and media are seen keeping tabs on the family. 

Zoey Klein's Adoption

As much as Bill and Jennifer are loved and followed on the show, it is their children who have now started to steal the show’s thunder, notably, the spunky little cutie, all the way from India.

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The youngest of all, yet Zoey garners so much of the attention already as of 2019.

Zoey Klein, with her father, Bill Klein, and mother, Jennifer Arnold who adopted her from India alongside her older brother, William Klein (Photo: thehollywoodgossip.com)

Life had definitely changed a lot for the Klein-family since the baby’s adoption in a particularly emotional day in October 2013, so said Dr. Jennifer Arnold, a neonatologist who is a means of inspiration, as she survived cancer while continuing to practice the medicine and appearing before the camera. 

However, it was not an easy process. The “very frightened girl” took a while before the positive transformations were visible.

Today, the mom and dad appear relieved that they were capable of bringing about the best in their children, including William Klein, who is full of life and personality. 

Zoey Klein In The Little Couple Now

Much to the delight of anxious fandom, they will soon be able to see more of their favorite member. The new journey covers the famous family’s amazing trip to India, to show Zoey a bit more of her birthplace.

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As the family settles into their new hometown, Zoey explores her Indian heritage.

Zoey, age 7, celebrates her birthday every 22nd September. As she was exposed to Indian language before arriving in the United States, she was seen working with the speech-language pathologist in the show's previous episodes.

Not many facts are known about her first stay in India. But it is a known thing that her ethnicity roots back to the very place she was born into.

Moreover, Zoey inherited the same kind of dwarfism as her now-parents. Bill and Jennifer made it a point at the time of application that they wanted a child with special needs as they had dealt with a similar experience.

The only motive Jennifer- the lady of the house, standing to a height of 3 feet and 2 inches (0.97 meters), has thus far, is to use the family’s dwarfism as a way to teach people eventually raising awareness on the matter.