Samara Saraiva Bio, Age, Ethnicity, Net Worth

Samara Saraiva reveals her age as of now...embraces the ethnicity reveals her nationality...exchanged their wedding vows in 2016...proud star wife supports her husband and loves...beautiful children from his previous marriage...friends and family...on their birthdays, and special events...incredible height... net worth of $9 path...

Samara Saraiva Bio, Age, Ethnicity, Net Worth

Quick Information

They say it is easy to get famous today with the rise of social media and people’s increasing interest in the world of glamor and entertainment.

Samara Saraiva who leads a quiet life, avoiding the tabloids and gossip mongers, never hand-picked the overnight fame coming her way.

She rose to a sudden prominence the day she chose the famous American actor, Damon Wayans Jr. as her husband. However, she doesn’t let the menace of social media and the glamor world consume her day to day life and her true identity.

Wedding Details With Husband, Children

Samara is happy and in love with her married life. The proud star wife supports her husband, Damon Wayans Jr. and loves almost every work of his in the entertainment. Damon is known for portraying essential roles in favorite TV shows and films like Happy Together, New Girl, Let’s Be Cops, and How to Be Single.

Before Samara, Damon has experienced married life already. He has two beautiful children from his previous marriage, which failed due to some unexplained reasons.

In the midst of 2018, he filed for the primary custody of his daughters, claiming his ex-wife, Aja Metoyer’s (now married to the NBA star, Dwyane Wade) negligence in taking care of them.

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Through all this, Samara has been by her husband’s side, keeping up with him even in his tough times. She must be sharing the right equation with her husband's kids, being on their birthdays, and special events together with Damon.

The romantic couple made their first red carpet appearance in 2014 and made their romance official from there only. The couple posed for the event and amazed the attendees with their incredible chemistry.

Samara Saraiva and her famous husband, Damon Wayans Jr. attend the premiere of Twentieth Century Fox's 'Let's Be Cops' at the Cinerama Dome in Los Angeles, California on 7 August 2014 (Photo:

Samara and Damon secretly exchanged their wedding vows in the presence of their friends and family and away from the media eyes in 2016.

Her husband, who is of age 36 and embraces an African-American ethnicity, has often been vocal in the media about how much he adores his wife. Having married his long-time girlfriend, he still finds everything surreal.

Her Net Worth

While Samara has kept all the little bits of herself away from the public, it is acceptable that her finances and net worth too remain veiled as of yet.

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However, she can always share her comedian, actor, and screenwriter husband’s net worth of $9 million, besides her own.

Her husband began his career pitching jokes on the sets of My Wife and Kids and followed his actor and comedian father, Damon Kyle Wayans' career path to evolve into a successful stand-up comedian and an actor.

Samara Saraiva’s Bio

Samaira, with her elegance and intriguing beauty, can easily be mistaken for a professional model. The gorgeous celebrity wife, with her incredible height that flatters her ensembles and body figure, never fails to amaze everyone with her red carpet presence, be it a rare one.

Till date, she has succeeded in keeping the details about her life a total mystery. She doesn’t want the paparazzi and the media peeking on her every move.