Robin Quivers Cancer Battle Story | Married, Boyfriend Status Now

Though not married now, Robin had numerous boyfriends...dated Mr. X for more than a decade…had problems in health due to her cancer in lower abdomen... successfully removed the tumor through 12-hour…has a net worth of $45 million…receives a hefty salary of…is a certified nurse and served as the captain in…

Robin Quivers Cancer Battle Story | Married, Boyfriend Status Now

Quick Information

Not everyone is bound to bear upheavals in their life unless their first name is ‘Robin’ and the surname is ‘Quivers.'

For those who have ever been a fan of The Howard Stern Show, there’s no way of not recognizing Robin Quivers. After all, she is one of the impressive sides the television history has ever witnessed.

Robin Quivers, age 67, was born on 8 August 1952 in Baltimore, Maryland to her parents Louise and Charles Quivers, a homemaker, and steelworker. She has one brother, Charles Jr., and two adopted brothers, Harry and Howard.

Robin Quivers’s Net Worth / Salary

After her graduation with a degree in Nursing from the University of Maryland, Robin joined Maryland Shock Trauma Facility as a nurse.

She described her position at the hospital as “a shock-trauma, intensive care kind of nurse, so I saw unpleasantness all the time.”

Aware of the thing that she could use her degree, she joined the US Air Force in 1975, where she was appointed as the second lieutenant.

Later, she also served as a Captain for a few months. Although she was discharged from the post by the end of 1979, she remained in the member of US Air Force until 1990.

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Robin was 29 by the time she returned to Baltimore in 1979. In 1981, she became the part of The Howard Stern Show. 

Apart from being a TV personality, who receives a salary of $10 million, Robin is also one of the revered authors of the 21st century. Her published works include Quivers: A Life and The Vegucation of Robin: How Real Food Saved My Life.

Meanwhile, her total net worth sums to a whopping $45 million.

Is Robin Quivers Married?

Although there have been numerous rumors of the relationship between Howard Stern and Robin, Robin simply denies the rumor saying “we are just good friends and nothing more than that”.

Nevertheless, Robin was in a relationship with the law enforcement officer, known on the show as Mr. X, for more than a decade. But eventually, both of them broke up.

Robin Quiver and Jim Florentine in the set of The Howard Stern Show on 25 March 2008 (Photo:

Following the break-up with Mr.X, Robin began to date an American stand-up comedian, Jim Florentine.

But, like her previous relationship with Mr. X, her relationship with Jim also could not proceed longer despite the fact they had rebounded after their first break up. 

Apart from Mr. X and Jim, Robin was rumored to be dating Michael Swan, Nick Manning, Kurt Angle, and Brendon at various phases of her life. But, to date, she is reportedly unmarried. 

Robin Quivers Cancer

Robin was struck by a hard wall when she found out that she had developed cancerous cells on her lower abdomen, around the bladder region, from her doctor in 2012.

The news brought deep grief in her family, along with her partner-in-crime, Howard Stern.

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Even though the tremendous tragedy hit Robin, she continued to perform her job in radio by reading news live through the studio set-up in her home.

Amid all the angst about her health, her well-wishers became happy again when she had her tumor successfully operated, through a 12-hour long surgery.

A Bitter Truth Of Her Life

Bitter would be an under-rated word to describe what Robin had to go through as a child. It was indeed a catastrophe and that too caused upon by someone from whom she least expected. 

Robin opened up about the sexual molestation she experienced at the hands of her father, Charles Quivers, by the time she was 11.

In September 2018, on a certain episode of The Stern Show, Robin admitted that she had kept all of it to herself until in her thirties when she finally decided to write to her mother, Louise Quivers.

For some reason in writing terms with her mother, Robin vented everything on a letter.

When asked about the response from her mother, all she had to say was, 

Yeah, she said she was so angry at him, but clearly not enough to leave him.

That’s why I kept my mouth shut, because even then I knew it would get warped. Because one day she did accuse me of ‘colluding with my father — that we got together and kept something from her.’ Can you imagine me having to deal with that when I was 11

But then Robin assured that she has moved on from that phase of her life when she allowed the very thing to control her life.

Today, as she spoke about everything and got the help and support she required, the host feels freed and in peace.