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Lori Mattix was born on 29 November as per her wiki...at the age of...now, Lori earns an average salary of...adding to her hefty net worth of...Today, her past is only alive in her stories...found love when she met Jimmy Page...lost her virginity to David Bowie...lives a blissful married life...still going strong after many years...loves spending time with her family...

Lori Mattix Wiki, Now, Family

Quick Information

Lori Mattix rejoices her successful career as a manager/buyer at GLAMboutique, where she has been working for more than three years.

No matter how successful she is today, Lori is mostly known for her teenage days. She used to be a part of Hollywood teenage groupie scene in the early 1970s.

She had affairs with some of the most famous men in the industry and got involved in drugs, but still managed to pass that phase and live a successful life.

Lori Mattix Wiki, Age

Born on 29 November, Lori Mattix has not revealed her birth year, so it is impossible to determine her age.

Lori was following the famous rock stars from cities to cities, and hung out at the Rainbow Bar & Grill, Rodney's English Disco, the Continental Hyatt House (also known as "The Riot House"), and the Whisky.

She was involved in drugs and obsessed with sex, and hooked up with famous men before even entering college.

However, she learned her lesson soon, and instead of deteriorating her life with substance abuse, she joined Sant Monica college and graduated. 

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Today, her past is only alive in her stories, and she has moved on from the lavish but unhealthy lifestyle. Lori shares a perfect bond with her mother and posts pictures with her now and then. Lori was also very close to her late grandfather; she posted a photo of him to offer condolences when he died on 9 May 2017.

Lori Mattix Now, Net Worth

Lori used to be a part of Hollywood teenage groupie during her adolescent years and even worked as a model. Even though not much was known, she earned an average of $80K per year as a model.

After Lori graduated from college, she found a real job as a buyer in H. Lorenzo. After working as a manager in Theodore, she landed on her current job at GLAMbotique.

Now, Lori earns an average of $40K per year. Lori's net worth is not revealed to the public, but she is expected to have amassed a hefty net worth.

Husband & Family Today

Lori Mattix had relationships with many men in the industry during her teenage years. When she was fifteen, she met David Bowie and lost her virginity to him. Lori sometimes pretended to be with someone else in the bars just not to go to the hotel rooms with him. She and David were neither committed nor in love, so Lori spent her time with other older men too.

After David, Lori found love when she met Jimmy Page, guitarist, and founder of Led Zeppelin. When he invited her for the first time and even sent a limo for her, she felt like a hostage and was scared. But when she met Jimmy, she fell in love with him and believed that he too fell for her.

Jimmy Page is one of the most important people of the band, who had to travel to different places for the tour, but Lori could not follow him because she was underage. She would wait for him in the hotel rooms when he returned and would not spend time with any other men.

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However, Jimmy soon moved on with Bebe Buell, and Lori was heartbroken. She spent her time abusing drugs and involving in sexual activities with other stars like Mick Jagger and Iggy Pop.

Fortunately, Lori soon learned her lessons and worked to make her life better in adulthood. She gave up on drugs and focused on her education.

Eventually, she married a man named Raymond on 16 August 2003.

The couple shares a son and is still going strong after many years of marriage. 

Lori Mattix shares quality time with her son Shaun on 2 January 2015 (Photo: Lori Mattix's Instagram)

Lori Mattix has now got her life together and lives a blissful married life with her husband and her son. She regularly posts pictures with them, which shows that she loves spending time with her family.