Matt Lucas Gay, Partner, Husband

Matt Lucas is a famous American comedian...knew he was gay from his young age...his partner Kevin McGee...Matt's husband Kevin's issues with drug addiction...has been dating for four worth is estimated to be around...height of 5 feet 6 inches...diabetes inspired him to lose weight...who raised him in a Jewish family...

Matt Lucas Gay, Partner, Husband

Matt Lucas is a famous American comedian, actor, writer, and singer known for his roles in movies like Little BritainBridesmaids, and Alice in Wonderland. 

Matt, who has been weak since a very young age, suffers from asthma, eczema, and hayfever. But, it was alopecia which caused him to lose all the hair on his body.

When he was young, he was self-conscious about himself, and the hair loss made him lose self-confidence; however, he overcame all the traumas and accepted the baldness as part of his personality.

Today Matt Lucas is proud of his peculiarity, which has become a boon for him in the industry. He is appreciated for his dedication in his work and earns a huge salary. His net worth is estimated to be around $10 million- a substantial amount.

Matt Lucas Age, Family

Matt Lucas was born on 5 March 1974 in Paddington, London. He was the son of Diana and John, who raised him in a Jewish family alongside his older brother Howard until they split up when he was ten.

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When Matt was twelve, his father went to prison for fraud for about six months. Matt was really sad about it then. But now, he believes that the incident has taught him that all the prisoners are not bad people. 

Young Matt Lucas poses for a photograph with his parents and older brother (Photo:

Matt is also very close to his maternal grandmother, who is a nurse; she survived World War II, despite the fact that she was a refugee from Berlin. Matt's grandfather was one of his grandmother's patients, who suffered from polio. Matt considered his grandmother an intellectual and loved to spend time with her. 

At the age of 44, Matt stands at a tall height of 5 feet 6 inches (1.70 meters). Matt formerly weighed around 196 pounds but the fear of getting diabetes inspired him to lose weight, and now he weighs approximately 160 pounds. 

Matt Lucas Gay, Coming Out Story

After Matt's parents split, Matt stayed with his mom and his brother Howard moved in with his dad. Matt knew he was gay from his young age, but was hesitant to open up to his mom, the person he was closest with. 

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Matt first came out to his mother when he was twenty-five years of age. His mother was devastated at the fact that she would never get any grandchildren and even felt that Matt turned out to be gay because she smothered him. However, Matt explained to her that she had never suppressed him and that one did not become gay as per conditions and choices.

When Matt came out to his brother, his brother Howard was hesitant to believe the fact and said that Matt would not know until he tried "it" with a woman. Later, Howard accepted the truth and his brother's sexuality happily.

On the contrary, Matt never came out to his father; the fact still traumatizes him. When Matt's father died at 52 years of age out of the blue, Matt was very disappointed for never having the courage to tell him about his sexuality. However, one of Matt's aunts later revealed that his father had already figured out Matt's sexuality and he was okay with it. 

Matt Lucas Partner, Husband?

Matt Lucas fell in love for the first time when he met Kevin McGee, a TV producer in 2000. Matt and Kevin were very much in love, and after dating for about four years, they tied knots in a civil partnership in 2006.

The beautiful wedding included pantomime-themed reception and big stars like Sir Elton John and Courtney Love also attended the ceremony.

Matt Lucas poses for a photograph with his partner Kevin McGee (Photo:

However, their married life did not last long because of Matt's husband Kevin's issues with drug addiction. In less than two years, the couples filed for divorce and separated.

The tragedy does not end here- after ten months of divorce, in October 2009, Matt's ex-husband Kevin committed suicide. Kevin was found dead in his flat after hanging himself and had even posted a Facebook status saying, "Kevin McGee thinks death is much better than life" a few hours before he killed himself.

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Matt was devastated by the news of Kevin's death and had a hard time trying to reminisce the old memories. He engaged in sexual activities with men he met online and ate lots of food to distract himself, but it didn't work much. 

It took Matt a long time to move on and find love again. In 2015, Matt found love again when he met Luke Uptown, a YouTube singer, on social media. He and Luke have been spending a lot of time together and even seen together on several occasions.

Matt Lucas enjoys quality time with his boyfriend Luke Uptown in July 2015 (Photo:

It seems Matt has finally let go of his sad past and is looking forward with his new love interest. He has been dating Luke for four years now, and they are very happy. He definitely deserves all the happiness in the world!