Loren Larson Family, Wife, Hand, Children

Reverend Loren Larson was born on 27 May as per his wiki...bio reveals his age...loves and cherishes his family dearly...lost his right hand...got married to his wife on...attaining his education...all of his children were involved in...net worth...a great height starting from...taught about the religious values to their children...grandfather of adorable grandchildren...

Loren Larson Family, Wife, Hand, Children

Quick Information

Loren Larson, President of Jimmy Swaggart Bible College, joined Jimmy Swaggart Ministries in 1987 as a student. Since then, Larson has worked in different sectors of Jimmy Swaggart Ministry, namely the FWC Choir, FWC Prison Ministry, the JSM music program. Loren Larson has been adding to his net worth through different shows and podcasts too.

Loren Larson's Family: Wife, Three Daughters & One Son Now Extends

Loren Larson got married to his wife, Hannah Thomas Larson, on 20 May 1989 at 29. Loren & his wife both are devoted to serving the Lord and hold common values.

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Loren & Hannah have four children together, three daughters and a son. They've named their daughters Joy, Grace, Rachel, and son Joseph. Loren loves and cherishes his family dearly and lives his moments with them like it is a blessing from the Lord himself.

Loren Larson gets married to his wife Hannah Thomas Larson on 20 May 1989

Loren and his wife have raised their children with their believes and learning of the lord. Loren is often seen with his family celebrating Christmas, and all of his children are seen involved in playing their parts to serve at the Church.

Larson's eldest daughter, Joy, with her husband, Stephen, and two grandchildren devote their time to a Church in Tampa, Florida, with the youth during Christmas. Loren's family is now expanding as all of his children are married and welcome new ones to their clan.

Loren Larson with his wife, children, and grandchildren on 24 January 2019

Grandfather, Loren is building a strong and grounded family with his wife, enlightening in his grandchildren the same values and tradition that his children grew up learning.

How did Loren Larson Lose His Hand? Loren Larson's Wiki / Bio

Loren Larson was born on 27 May 1959. Loren grew up with a strong belief in God and valued religious beliefs and traditions. Larson, in his earlier days, while working in a textile factory, went through a machine malfunction. An electric charge pulled his hand into the machine, which caused him to lose his right hand.

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In 1987, while Loren was attaining his education as a student at Jimmy Swaggart Bible College, he joined the Jimmy Swaggart Bible Ministry. After that, he headed to the FWC Prison Ministry, the FWC Choir, the JSM music program and was appointed as the President of Jimmy Swaggart Bible College in 1997. 

Besides the responsibilities as a Professor and as an Associate Pastor of the Family Worship Center, Loren is a regular member of the panel of The Message of the Cross, the teaching program for both radio and television with Brother Jimmy Swaggart. Larson is also a consistent member on A Study in the Word on the SonLife Broadcasting Network.