Korie Koker Bio, Age, Net Worth, Today, Facts

Korie Koker's bio reveals her age...earned her a significant net worth...her wedding with husband brought her to the limelight...facts about her family and personal life...today, the couple...through her marriage to Danny Koker...reality TV star and a car restorer...plans of welcoming children...relationship going strong...let her passion for music sink...

Korie Koker Bio, Age, Net Worth, Today, Facts

Quick Information

Korie Koker is an entertainment director for Count’s Vamp’d in Viva Vegas, who books and coordinates rock shows. She is a die-hard fan of rock and roll, who also worked as a singer for a rock band. 

Korie worked in multiple fields, including media, musician, and business. But she came into the spotlight through her marriage to Danny Koker

Korie Koker Bio: Age, Family & Net Worth

Korie Koker was born on 17 August 1965 in Las Vegas, Nevada, the United States. Korie probably lived her childhood days in Las Vegas with her family. 

Not many facts are known about her family and personal life other than that her family still resides in Las Vegas. 

Holding an American nationality, Korie garnered a bachelor’s degree in broadcasting. Soon after completing her education, Korie took a step into her career in a television house. 

She worked there as a program coordinator or producer, mounting cameras and looking after the production works. 

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During her short period in the media industry, Korie only worked behind the scene. However, that didn’t let her passion for music sink, as she joined a rock band as a singer. She enjoyed her time singing with the group until its disbandment. 

Later, Korie began her work at Count’s Vamp’d Rock Bar and Grill, a rock music bar that offered live entertainments with a professional stage for performers. She became a co-owner and business partner of the bar with her husband, Danny Koker. 

The former band singer found her way back to music again. Although Korie didn’t sing herself, she signed other rock and roll singers and band to perform at her cool bar. She looked after the live music performance schedules and served as an entertainment director. 

Throughout her multiple careers, Korie gained a lot of experience that helped her along the way to manage her business professionally. After working hard, her company became a success, which probably earned her a significant net worth.

Although her exact net worth is not estimated, Korie's husband Danny, age 55, carries a net worth of $13 million through his career as a reality TV star and a car restorer.

Korie Koker Wedding With Husband Danny Koker

Although Korie’s personal life is not disclosed, her wedding with Dany Koker brings her to the limelight. The former singer has been married to her husband for a long time. 

Till today, the couple’s relationship is going strong, both romantically and professionally. 

Danny Koker is a writer and producer, best known for his work in Counting Cars, Saturday Fright at the Movies, and Pawn Stars

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Korie and Danny don't have children till date. Whether they plan not to have kids or wait for a while is something only they can confirm. But they seem to be enjoying their love life to the fullest.

Korie Koker with her husband, Danny Koker, on 30 March 2019 at Lovers Point 6 in California (Photo: Korie Koker's Instagram)

Life partners and also business partners whose relationship only grows strong is a very rare sight to come across. But Korie and Danny live through these struggles flourishing their relation to a better height.