Jon Eicholtz Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Barbara Eden

Jon T. Eicholtz is a successful real estate developer...gained a Bachelor's degree in Architectural Engineering as per his the age of...American and hometown...shares the net worth of $10 million...met the love of his life, Barbara Eden...exchanged their wedding vows in 1991...welcomed in Beverly Hills...

Jon Eicholtz Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Barbara Eden

Quick Information

Jon T. Eicholtz is a successful real estate developer, with an active role in the construction of Commerce Tower, a 30-story skyscraper in the Kansas City, Missouri.

His career is not only the thing that is successful; his love life is with his longtime partner is more than just successful. Even though he is not in the media industry, Jon is not an unpopular name as he is the husband of Hollywood queen Barbara Eden.

How did Jon Eicholtz marry a famous star and was still able to rock his career in architecture?

Jon Eicholtz Wedding, Barbara Eden

Jon Eicholtz met the love of his life, Barbara Eden and instantly knew that she was the woman of his dreams. Barbara Eden is one of the most popular actresses known for her role of Jeanie in the TV show, I Dream of Jeanie. Because of her excellent skills which she achieved with her own hard work in childhood, she had a link with the renowned people like John F. Kennedy and Elvis Presley.

Before finding his love, Barbara, age 87, had already married twice. She was first married to Michael Ansara, a fellow actor, whom she met through a blind date and slowly fell in love with. The couple married in 1958 and had a child named Matthew Ansara after seven years of marriage.

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After a few years, Barbara got pregnant, but the child was a stillbirth, which caused her chronic depression. Barbara later revealed that her depression led her to end the first marriage.

Barbara found love for the second time when she met Charles Donald Fergert and got married in 1977. Barbara was lonely at that time and was hasty at the decision, but after Charles started taking cocaine and abusing her, she divorced him.

Barbara was done with love and not looking for a relationship when Jon Eicholtz found her. The couple dated for some time, and finally exchanged their wedding vows in 1991.

They have been together ever since; the couple hasn't welcomed children till now.

Jon Eicholtz attends Make-A-Wish Greater Los Angeles 2017 Wish Gala with his wife, Barbara Eden on 9 November 2017 (Photo: gettyimages)

On 26 June, Barbara's only son Matthew Ansara, actor and amateur bodybuilder, died due to the drug overdose at 35 years of age. Jon Eicholtz, being the loving husband, supported his wife through the sad phase and took great care of her.

They live together in a beautiful house in Beverly Hills. They share immense trust and love each other, despite the past problems.

Jon Eicholtz Net Worth

Although Jon Eicholtz is married to a famous star, he has a succesful career of his own.

The real state developer has designed some of the most adored buildings in the country including the 1,800-room Sheraton Waikiki. He has also worked as the President and the CEO of The Hawaii Corporation. He now works as a real state developer with Pankow Organization.

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Jon has not revealed anything related to his salary or net worth but given that he is very talented and one of the best real state developers in the country, he surely earns a hefty amount. He also shares the net worth of $10 million with his wife, Barbara Eden.

Jon Eicholtz Wiki, Age & Family

Being romantically associated with one of the most beautiful ladies of Hollywood might bring one to the limelight even if the person doesn't want to. Similar was the case for Jon Eicholtz; he has successfully managed to keep some of the things private.

He has not revealed anything regarding his birthday, so his age is impossible to determine. Because he is not active on social media, the information about his birthplace, family and hometown remain confined, but his nationality is expected to be American. 

When it came to education, Jon Eicholtz was a bright child and adamant about getting a good education. He attended Kansas University and gained a Bachelor's degree in Architectural Engineering as per his wiki.