What Is Timmy Thick Age & Real Name? Gay, Parents

Timmy Thick started to post unusual photos and twerking videos...age of sixteen...did not reveal his real name or race...information about his parents and siblings...celebrates his birthday on 21 August every year as per his bio...heightened limelight...either gay or transgender...speculate Timmy's gender identity...was a 24-month sociological study conducted by Harvard University...

What Is Timmy Thick Age & Real Name? Gay, Parents

Quick Information

The Internet is a place where one can gain fame and popularity in very less time. It was the same for Timmy Thick, who bagged the spotlight in just a few days after he started posting eccentric selfies and inconvenient videos on his social media accounts.

Timmy Thick Age, Real Name

After an Instagram account named, 'Timmy Thick' started to post unusual photos and twerking videos, it gained a lot of media sensation. Anything peculiar attracts people's eyes, so people started to view Timmy's controversial videos to mock him. The fact that Timmy seemed of a young age also gathered a lot of people's attention. Even though there were many hate comments, few of the people supported Timmy for his morality of self-acceptance and showered him with love in the comments. Timmy's Instagram account had reached more than 30K followers before Instagram shut down his accounts due to too many reports.

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Despite being in the heightened limelight, Timmy never fails to hide his biographical facts like his real name or race. However, it is known that Timmy was born on 21 August 2002. At the age of sixteen, the Instagram star has not revealed any information about his parents or siblings.

Claims To Be Sociological Study

Even though Timmy didn't disclose his true identity, he did reveal why he chose not to do so. Via his Twitter account which had gained over 40K followers, he spurred a massive controversy by claiming that he was a '24-month sociological study conducted by Harvard University.' The claim came out as a major shock to the followers; they didn't know what to believe.

Timmy Thick claims to be sociological study of Harvard University on 17 March 2018 (Photo: Timmy Thick's Instagram)

However, the Harvard sociology department totally denied of the experiment and having anything to do with Timmy Thick. Timmy then shut both his Instagram and Twitter accounts, leaving things more confusing.

Timmy Thick Gender, Gay

Because of the twerking videos and absurd selfies, people started to question Timmy's gender identity. Probably because of the fact that Timmy acted feminine in his videos, people began to assume he was either gay or transgender. Timmy did not address the issue; although, he did talk about accepting oneself and behaving the way one wanted to.

In addition to his videos, he continually posted about some of the celebrities like Nicki Minaj, whom he considered to be an ideal woman. That was probably who inspired him to twerk!

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Although Timmy is friends with some of the famous social media stars like ‘Ugly God’ and ‘Danielle Peskowitz Bregoli’, no information about his sexuality is revealed.

Timmy's sexuality cannot yet be assumed, but it is expected that he will reveal more about himself soon.