Brendon Burchard Married, Wife, Gay, Quotes, Net Worth, Bio, Height

If you are a fan of reading motivational stories, you know Brendon Burchard. The stories that you can hear from him will help you in personality grooming and development. He is one of the lucky authors who successfully won the hearts of millions of people. He’s made a big name in non-fiction genre of writing. We will let you know all about his life and career. 

Brendon Burchard Married, Wife, Gay, Quotes, Net Worth, Bio, Height

Quick Information

Brendon Burchard is one of the lucky authors who successfully won the hearts of millions of people by making a big name in the non-fiction genre of writing. Brendon is an American motivational speaker and author who successfully impacted thousands of people’s lives. His books and speeches have positive effects on the lives of individuals. It is a tremendous honor to be known as one of the best-selling authors of the time. With such great success, his net worth is a total of $7 million.

Brendon Burchard Married, Wife

Despite the fame and popularity, Brendon never talked much about his personal life. Being the secretive person, he did not reveal much of the information to the public, due to which people started to wonder if he was gay. However, he has finally disclosed his love life on social media which debunked all the gay rumors.

Brendon is a married man who has had a successful love life. He met the love of his life, whose name has not been disclosed, at the gym in 2003. They soon kicked off and started dating. Brendon says that she is the most important person in his life as she supported him even when he left his job to pursue a career in writing. 

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Brendon and his longtime girlfriend got married in 2007 and moved to Portland. 

Brendon Burchard enjoys quality time with his wife on 3 January 2019 (Photo: Brendon Burchard's wife)

Till now, there is no news of Brendon's children. However, Brendon is happy and rejoices the presence of a lady who always supports and inspires him.

Brendon Burchard Short Bio, Quotes

Burchard was born on the 18 September 1977. He never hoped to have a career as a motivational speaker, but when he reached the age of 19, he began to discover his inclination towards the world of motivational speaking. Brendon got into an accident which changed his whole outlook toward life.

He then believed that he ought to share with people the feeling that he had. He gradually succeeded in becoming an inspiration to others. 

Brendon Burchard considers his family to be his greatest inspiration, so he shares an intimate bond with both his parents. His late father, who died to leukemia, always encouraged Brendon to follow his goals.

Brendon Burchard shares quality time with his mother on 18 January 2019 (Photo: Brendon Burchard's Instagram)

Brendon believed that he could do so much in the lives of students. He designed and initialized training for students. Students can go to Experts Academy and High-Performance Academy and learn valuable lessons about entrepreneurship, psychology, persuasion, and productivity. Now, he also hosts a program called ‘The Changed Life.' 

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Brendon Burchard, being the successful author, is well-known for his quotes and sayings. For example, one of his quotes: "No matter your position, circumstances, or opportunities in life, you always have the freedom of mind to choose how you experience, interpret, and, ultimately, shape your world" has inspired many people around the world!