Storage Wars' Barry Weiss Net Worth & Married Status Unveiled

Barry Weiss grew up in Demarest alongside with his brother...was married at one point...parted with his wife after a while due to...multiple marriage proposals...daughter the age of 59...took his life to a great height...appearance on the show, Storage Wars alongside...with its fourth season...was a businessman...has amassed a net worth of...

Storage Wars' Barry Weiss Net Worth & Married Status Unveiled

Quick Information

Business tycoon Barry Weiss is famous for his appearance on the reality show Storage Wars. He portrayed as one of the main buyers in the show’s first four seasons. As an ardent collector of valuable items, Barry spent many years in search of valuable antiques. Other than that, he also runs his company, Northern Produce.

Barry Weiss Bio & Age

Born on 11 February 1959, Barry Weiss grew up in Demarest, New Jersey. He was raised by parents Hy and Rosalyn Weiss alongside with his brother. His father Hy (died at the age of 84) was a music executive, who founded Old Town Records in the late 1950s.

While studying at Cornell University, Barry worked as a promoter of a radio station from his dorm room. He later received his master's degree in Business Administration from New York University.

As Barry is known for his antique collections, his most exciting collections are his fancy cars. At the age 59, Barry owns unique vehicles, namely, Cowboy Cadillac, Beatnik Glass Top Car, Chopit Car, 1940 Ford COE Truck, and Ducati Diavel. 

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However, recently, Barry met with an accident due to which he got hospitalized. He met with a motorcycle crash in Los Feliz while riding with a friend. His accident occurred when his bike collided with a car backing out of a parking space. To stop the motorcycle, Barry used his knee but sadly got involved with an accident. 

After the accident, Barry was transported to the ICU at a local hospital. His friend who was also involved in a crash gave an update on their health from the hospital. In his tweet, he mentioned he only got a broken knee, elbow, and wrist but Barry had a much worse condition with severe chest and leg trauma. 

However, his current condition is stable but still suffering from broken bones and other internal injuries. He is still admitted to hospital, and his flowers have sent him to get well soon message. Hope he gets better soon and continues his daily life. 

Married - Wife, Daughter

Barry Weiss was married at one point. He parted with his wife after a while due to undisclosed reasons. Even though he failed with his married life, he took up the position of a proud father of two adult children, son Jack, and daughter Julie.

Despite staying as a divorced man, he does not live a lonely life as he enjoys his time with his friends. He has even gotten multiple marriage proposals, but he has not opened up about his possible girlfriend and thought on getting married. It seems that Barry is more focused on his blessed role of a grandfather to his adorable grandson, Oliver.

Barry Weiss Storage Wars / Net Worth

Barry’s passion for collecting antique started from the age of 15, and that passion never stopped. In fact, the same passion led him to star on a show that took his life to a great height.

He made his appearance on the show, Storage Wars alongside Casey NezhodaBrandi Passante, Dan Dotson, and Jarrod Schulz. His passion for collecting antiques was seen in the show as he took his position of a collector.

Barry Weiss attends A&E's 'Storage Wars' Lockbuster Tour at Hollywood & Highland Courtyard on 12 June 2012 in Hollywood, California alongside Laura Dotson, Dan Dotson, Brandon Sheets, and Darrell Sheets (Photo: gettyimages)

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His journey on Storage Wars ended in 2015 with its fourth season. Even during the short period, Barry was able to win the heart of the audience. After his departure from Storage Wars, he started his spin-off, Barry’d Treasure. However, the show got canceled due to some undisclosed reason. Since then, Barry has been living most of his life behind the camera.

Before entering into the entertainment field, he was a businessman from which he had made an immense fortune. His wealth only expanded when he stepped into the entertainment field. With his contributions, Barry has amassed a net worth of $10 million.