Brooke Satchwell Boyfriend, Married, Family

Brooke Satchwell is an Australian actress...age 38 as of 2019...she found her partner for life...boyfriend details...engaged with long-time boyfriend in 2012...married rumors...parents issue did not impact her dreams...secured decent net worth of...stands at the height of 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 meters)...split from her fiancé after almost seven-years...

Brooke Satchwell Boyfriend, Married, Family

Brooke Satchwell is an Australian actress who is best known for her role as Anne Wilkinson in the soap-opera, Neighbours, in 1996.

She paved her way to the glamour industry through modeling and small characters in television shows. She even worked part-time at a morgue to support her monthly expenses.

Brooke was recently seen on the screen alongside Darren McMullen on the Australian television show, SeaChange, in 2019.

Assaulted By Boyfriend, Matthew Newton

When Brooke Satchwell was in highlights for dating Australian actor Matthew Newton, everyone had thought she found her partner for life and she could rely on him for her entire life. 

But sometimes things don't fall into place like one’s plans.

Well, something similar happened in the life of Brooke when all of a sudden, she filed an assault case against Matthew, which shocked many followers of the pair.

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Brooke claimed that Matthew assaulted her when she visited their home by pushing her to the ground and weighing down on her.

Brooke Satchwell poses with her ex-boyfriend, Matthew Newton, before they separated, in 2006. (Photo: Dailymail)

Moreover, he punched her even though she begged him to stop, and he also threatened her mother.

Later, when the issue reached the court, it came out that Matthew was depressed for a few months, which pushed him to act like that which is against his natural behavior.

In the end, Matthew Newton was arrested in 2006 for his deeds; that also ended the 6-year-long relationship between Brooke and Satchwell.

Brooke Satchwell Married Or Dating As Of 2019?

After Brooke Satchwell parted ways from her ex-boyfriend Matthew Newton, following the assault she faced, she stayed away from love and affair for some time.

However, love is something that doesn’t come by choice; thus, she fell in love with the film editor, David Gross. 

Their encounter was a terrifying moment as they met each other when they were trapped inside the Taj Hotel in India, during the famous Mumbai terror attacks in 2008.

They shared a joint trauma, and helped each other while getting out of the danger; eventually getting out safe. 

After that, Brooke and David started seeing each other and later decided to be in a relationship.

Brooke Satchwell poses with David Gross, in 2013 (Photo: Dailymail)

With the comfort they shared, they even decided to get engaged; thus, they exchanged their engagement rings on a holiday in Cambodia in 2012. 

But the love God seems to be harsh on Brooke as she had to split from her fiancé after almost seven-years of their engagement in early 2019 and sold their Sydney home for $1.65 million in May. 

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Moving on, Brooke, who stands at the height of 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 meters), focuses on her career more than giving time for relationships as of now, even though her dating/married rumors and speculations always surround her. 

Family Details, Net Worth

Brooke Satchwell was born to Andrew and Jane Satchwell in Melbourne, in Victoria Australia.

Professionally, Brooke’s father was a real estate agent, and her mother was a school teacher. 

Brooke, age 38, was not very fortunate to see her parents live together like many other children.

Her parents divorced when she was young, that forced her to grow up without the proper guidance of her parents collectively. 

However, Brooke did not let her family issue impact her dreams of becoming a model and actress. She worked extremely hard to achieve a place in the movie industry and get loved by the audiences. 

Through her work, she has not only earned fame, but she has also secured decent net worth.

Moreover, she keeps her earning info very private, but as a known face in the industry, she surely receives more than the average salary of an actress, being $50K per year in Hollywood.