Toby Anstis Has Girlfriend? Gay Rumors, Married, Net Worth & More

Date: 04 Sep, 2018

Toby Anstis Has Girlfriend? Gay Rumors, Married, Net Worth & More

Toby Anstis is a British radio and television presenter.

He was born on 14 December 1970 in Northampton, England with a twin sister, Kate.

Toby and Kate were adopted by Ray and Janet Anstis when they were about ten weeks old. However, their parents didn't tell them about the adoption and raised them with all their love and support. But Toby as a kid, always doubted on his parents as he didn't look alike them. 

When he and his sister turned 12, their parents finally revealed that they were adopted. They also disclosed that their birth mother was forced to abandon them as she was only 16 years old during the pregnancy and their birth father was unknown about it.

After finding the mystery, both Toby and Kate became curious to meet their actual parents. So, at the age of 24, they hired a private investigator. Toby and Kate met their real mom in a restaurant after a month of investigation.

Five years from finding their mom, the duo also searched their birth dad. When they met him, Toby was so much happy as he looked like his father.

Despite the link up with their actual parents, Toby and Kate felt uncomfortable with them as they didn't find any connection between them. However, it was pleasuring for the brother-sister duo to find out that their biological parents were as happy as they were to meet one another. 

Married Women In Toby's Dating History

Well, Toby has a colorful dating history. 

He first dated Stephanie Stewart, a model in 2008. However, their relationship didn't last long as they parted ways. On 17th March 2015, Toby gushed about the reason of split with the Mail online magazine. He stated that he had a lot of insecurities due to which their relationship went south. 

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After Stephanie, Toby dated an actress, Stella English, the former wife of Ray dewar and a mother of two. The duo instantly dated each other after Stella ended her married life with husband, Ray Dewar.

Stella even stated to the HelloMagazine on 24th October 2013 that she and Toby went on a date several times and also quoted him as a charming chap.

But despite the affection, their affair could not last long as the duo broke apart on 1st December 2013. The cause for the cleave was their long-distance relationship as they couldn't make time for each other.

Though the duo parted ways as a lover, they remained on good terms as friends. 

Toby Anstis celebrates the opening of the ice rink at the Natural History Museum with girlfriend Stella English on 30th December 2013 (Photo:

After the breakup, Toby reportedly dated 67-year-old Priscilla Presley, a former wife of Elvis. They were first caught up in a theater, where Priscilla starred as the Wicked Witch in Snow White.

As Toby was a huge fan of Priscilla, they were believed to have instantly started dating. Furthermore, they even got pictured kissing each other in January 2013.

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However, Priscilla denied the news of their dating. She claimed it was just a rumor and explained the kiss as a fond farewell, that she gave Toby after they went for a dinner with a group of friends.

As of now, Toby has not been related to any girlfriends or women. He has also not shredded any plans on getting married. Perhaps's due to his low-keyness regarding love-life, Toby is speculated to be a gay. 

But, his past affairs hints that Toby is straight and miles away from being gay. 

His Net Worth

Toby came to the highlight when he presented the children’s BBC music series, The O-Zone, and The Broom Cupboard. He also worked on several reality shows like I’m a celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!, and Ready, Steady, Cook.

As for now, he hosts a mid-morning show on London’s Heart 106.2 FM.

So, as a host, Toby likely amasses a handsome net worth from his hard work just like reporter Raphael Rowe. His average salary is estimated to be of $56 K.