Thomas Roberts Wedding, Husband, Gay, Weight Loss, MSNBC, Net Worth

Date: 01 Jul, 2017

Thomas Roberts Wedding, Husband, Gay, Weight Loss, MSNBC, Net Worth

Thomas Roberts is one of the most talented journalists of all time. He has a beautiful face and charming personality. He was born on the 5th of October in the year 1972. Today, at the age of 44, he is a successful icon in journalism that people respect. He is an inspirational man that people look up to take inspirations. He was born in Maryland, but his image of success is spread all over the world. You are here to read all about his professional and personal life. 

Thomas works for MSNBC. MSNBC was a good choice of the workplace that Thomas made. He got great recognition and fame in the network. Roberts is one of the most influential people in the network. As a key figure in their channel, they respected his job and whatever contributions he made to the industry. He never got fired from anywhere that he worked. 

Today, Thomas has a net worth that is equal to $1.5 million. This huge amount of wealth can’t be earned very quickly. He put lots of efforts and hard work in his work. His passion was in journalism since the day he decided to make a career. He proved everyone that his interest mattered to him and that he became a huge name in the journalism industry. We hope he will do amazing works in the years to come ahead. He is an inspiration to those who want to make a name as a journalist. 

Thomas is an honest man. He always remained honest with himself thus; he never hesitated to come out as gay. Roberts announced his sexuality in front of many people. He used the help of the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association to announce about his sexuality. Talking about his married life, he has a gay partner named Patrick D. Abner. His husband is a perfect support in his life and contributes to his success all the time. Their wedding was a success and liberated them from the burden of hiding their sexuality for a long time. 

Thomas understands the importance of social media. He is active in all his profiles on the social network. If you want to know more about his life and her recent activities, you can follow his profile on Instagram. More than 41k people follow his verified account on Instagram. He shared about five hundred posts already. He also has a profile on Twitter. You can follow his Twitter account and learn about what he shares. He is followed by 63.2k people and has more than 13k tweets. 

He suffered weight loss some time back and stopped posting shirtless. For more information about Thomas, you can read his biography in Wikipedia. Please come back to us for more details.