Samantha Ferris Married, Husband, Boyfriend, Single, Family, Height

Date: 17 Dec, 2017

Samantha Ferris Married, Husband, Boyfriend, Single, Family, Height

Samantha Ferris almost needs no introduction when we relate her to the television show Supernatural. The role of Ellen Harvelle that she played in the show has made a humongous impact till the date because of her perfection to the position. Today she is one of the talented actors who by her sheer acting skill has established herself in the very competitive field of acting. So it goes by no surprise that she has got millions of fan following. It is a great joy to talk about this talented cum gorgeous lady with her career, bio, personal life and many more. 

Career as an Actress: 

In terms of career, before getting the work as an actress, she worked as a radio announcer. And in the mid-1990s, she was a television reporter for KVOS TV-12 and BCTV. The death of her father became a turning point in her life because, after that incident, she decided to change career and become an actress. She has done notable works in many films and television shows like Sandra Cassandra on Beggars and Choosers, Nina Jarvis on The 4400, Ellen Harvelle on Supernatural and Lt. Alexa Brenner on The Evidence.

So she has worked on diverse films and television shows that prove her talent and versatility. She is an actress who can give a better side to any role, but she finds the role that is more like herself to be more compatible. Her net worth is not revealed but considering her successful professional life; one can easily say that she is worth the millions.

Does Samantha have Secret Husband? Or Boyfriend? 

When the matter comes to her personal life, she is extremely secretive about it. It is all Because she hasn’t made her statement to marriage and having a boyfriend to media and public. Why has no media covered about her personal life? Maybe they have attempted, but it must not have been successful due to her nature. She could be shy and hesitant when it comes to her private life. The idea of putting her life in the limelight must be unpleasing to her. Or maybe she sees her professional life and personal life as two different spheres and mixing them must be a bad idea for her.

So, it’s not known if she is married or not. She is forty-nine, and we can only assume that she must be married, but there are no facts to support it. Thus it can also be said that she must be unmarried and is single. Similarly, no news about her dating anyone has been heard till now. This means that we have got no clue if she has got a boyfriend. 

Samantha's Wiki-Like Bio: 

As per Wiki source, Samantha was born on November 2, 1968, in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada which makes her age of 49 by now. She is a Canadian citizen who represents Canada as her nationality. And her ethnicity is white. To our dismay, we couldn’t get hold of the information regarding her educational background. Similarly, the information about her parents is still not disclosed. Her personality is so attractive and on the top of it, it is adorned by her great look. She has a height of 5 feet and 5 inches (1.65 m).